A Sharp Blade is a Happy Blade

Even the most high quality of industrial blades are prone to getting dull after repeated usage. To keep your blades operating at their peak performance potential, it is vital that you keep them honed to the proper edge. This is where Carolina Knife & Manufacturing, Inc. comes in! While we are an industrial blade manufacturer, we also specialize in the sharpening of any kind of industrial blade on the market. Whether it is a standard blade or a blade that was custom made, we can return it to the pristine, sharp glory of when it was brand new. Rather than spend money on costly replacements for your blades, make full use of the quality of the product you already own by trusting Carolina Knife & Manufacturing, Inc. with your industrial blade sharpening needs! We take every precaution necessary to ensure that your blade meets the Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) guidelines for your product. 



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