Yoga Teacher Training in Bali

Maa Shakti Yoga is a renowned yoga institute that offers yoga teacher training in Bali, Indonesia. With a variety of options, including 200-hour yttc, 300-hour yttc, and 500-hour yttc programs, students can select a program that suits their schedule and interests.


Bali is a stunning island located in Indonesia, known for its natural beauty, spiritual atmosphere, and serene surroundings. Bali is often referred to as “God’s Island,” which is fitting, given its peaceful and calming energy. This makes Bali an ideal destination for those who want to immerse themselves in the holistic practice of yoga.

Maa Shakti Yoga is committed to giving anyone who are enthusiastic about yoga and want to advance their practise access to high-quality yoga education. The yoga centre is manned by skilled and competent Indian yoga instructors who go to Bali to share their knowledge with pupils.

In an effort to reach a wider audience, Maa Shakti Yoga has now extended to Bali after providing yoga teacher training programmes in India for a number of years. Making the heavenly wisdom of yoga available to everyone is the institute’s main objective. According to the institute, yoga is not only a physical activity but also a spiritual one that has positive effects on people’s overall well-being.


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