What Are The Toxic Pet Foods You Should Avoid To Serve Your Pets?

You rarely find someone who doesn’t like a pet, right? Everyone loves pets and tries to make them happy by giving them satisfying food from Squamish Pet Food Store. But unfortunately, the best intentions can give the worst results!
When it comes to pet food from Local Pet Stores in Squamish, you should grab a certain level of knowledge. You should know which human food your pet can digest and what not! Here we have listed a few options for toxic pet foods your pet should avoid.
What are the toxic pet foods options?

Most people have heard before that you shouldn’t give your pet chocolates. But it’s been surprising how many pet owners give their pets occasional choco bites! But you should be aware of this because even if your dog has consumed chocolates and digested them without severe side effects, they might still be at risk!
Chocolates contain theobromine, an alkaloid that is tough for dogs to metabolize! A dog eating too much dessert quickly can damage its lungs, kidneys, nervous system and heart. The results are riskier, especially in puppies and senior dogs. To keep your dog safe, reach out to Squamish Pet Food Store.

This is dangerous for pets, so you should keep your cats, dogs and small animals far away from this! Like chocolates, caffeine is the most difficult product for animals to process. No doubt, we don’t think about throwing tea bags & coffee in the trash but do you know many dogs try to eat from this trash? So, protect your pets from this and never leave the cup of coffee in the trash.
Milk and Eggs

Do you know milk & eggs are both dangerous for your health? Cats are lactose intolerant, so their digestive system can’t break down certain food components. The small amount of milk won’t kill your cat, but yes, it can cause certain damage to its digestive system. It can make them dehydrated and have diarrhea. Over time, it can cause skin issues.
Macadamia nuts

Macadamia nuts are snacks that are also not a good option for you! Most dogs experience different symptoms when they consume a decent amount of these nuts. It can cause hypothermia, tremors, joint pain, and weakness.
Onions & Garlic

These products are also toxic to your pets’ health. These are categorized under the Allium family, which is toxic to dogs and cats. These food products can cause anemia, lethargy and weight loss. It is recommended to keep these foods away from your pets. Serve them something good from the Local Pet Store in Squamish.

Some dog breeds don’t have negative reactions to eating avocados. But before serving this to your pet, make sure which breed of pet you have! Avocados contain Persin, which can cause illness. However, this is also sensitive to other pets like rabbits, rodents, birds, and other large animals.
You should look for healthy pet foods online if you are a pet owner. To explore the huge range of pet products, reach out to O’Brien Pet Foods.