US Education Trends: ISDs Offer Students Career Exploration Activities in Health Sciences.

Many Independent Schools Districts (ISD) in the United States are providing students with access to training and career exploration programs that include a series of courses, projects and experiential learning opportunities that expose elementary and high school students to different career paths.

Earlier this month, third grade students from Chapel Hill ISD’s Jackson Elementary were exposed to a variety of career paths, including Health Sciences CPR and Emergency First Aid  choking. For the training rescue instruction, students wore a simulation device, an Act+Fast Anti Choking Trainer vest, that instructors use to make training more effective, memorable and fun by practicing “live” Abdominal Thrusts (Heimlich) in a safe, controlled environment. Students had fun watching the foam plug shoot out of the simulator’s airway when they correctly performed the technique. 


There are many benefits to helping students explore career opportunities through fun activities. It gives students broader exposure to the working world and improves their attitudes about career opportunities, motivating them to aspire to their dream careers. Most importantly, it enables them to set realistic goals for themselves, knowing the preparation they need for specific careers and better plan their high school choices to gain the skills they need for their future careers.


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