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A red dragon appeared in the mirror, as if he had just woken up, yawning and looking at Nexant on the other side of the mirror with some displeasure. The Great Dragon Bahamut, in Lower Nexant, King of the Kingdom of the Sith, is called to you in the lower. Facing the dragon, Nexant’s face was full of respect. Human beings Seeing Lessant, the dragon frowned slightly and looked at Lessant with some disdain: “Humble human.”. How did you get the dragon scales of the Great Bahamut? Don’t you know what a crime it is to disturb the sleep of the great Bahamut? After hearing what the dragon said, Nexant could not help smiling bitterly in his heart. As a king of a country, he was called a humble human in the mouth of the other side. But all this did not show on his face, still full of respect: “The great dragon Bahamut, this dragon scale is handed down from the ancestor Claire, the ancestor said at that time, as long as the kingdom has any difficulties in the future, you can find you.”. When Claire, the founding king of the Sith Kingdom, died. Passed the dragon scale to the next king, and told him that once the Kingdom of Sith had any problems that could not be solved in the future,interactive boards for classrooms, he could find the dragon Bahamut through the dragon scale. When Claire traveled abroad, she had been kind to the fire dragon. As long as Bahamut knew that he was his descendant, he would fulfill his promise and solve the difficulties for the Kingdom of Sith. Keep your own descendants. What. Claire is your ancestor? When the dragon heard Nexant say that Claire was his ancestor, it opened its eyes wide and looked at Nexant carefully. He could not help nodding and said, “Sure enough, it’s a bit like Claire’s boy. No wonder you have my great Bahamut’s special summoning scales on your body. Come on, Claire’s descendants,65 inch touch screen, what difficulties have you encountered?”? What does the great Bahamut need? “That’s right!” Nexant was delighted and said respectfully, “Now there is a powerful man named Hua Yun in my kingdom, which seriously endangers the survival of the kingdom.”. And that person’s strength is strong, there is an elf holy order strong and a dwarf holy order strong, there is a human holy order strong, in the face of such strength, I really have no alternative, so I hope Lord Bahamut can help me get rid of that person. With that, Nexant looked expectantly at Bahamut in the mirror image. An elvish holy order strong man? A strong man of the Dwarf Order? Hey, hey, interesting! Bahamut laughed twice. “It’s just the holy order of two elves and dwarves.”. That’s nothing to the great Bahamut. Has reached the peak of the holy order. For Bahamut, a member of the dragon clan. It is not presumptuous of him to say so. Among all the races in the whole land of Allen, the Dragon Clan and some powerful Holy Warcraft with dragon magic and powerful physical attacks and magic attacks belong to the most powerful Holy Order. The following are some general holy ranks of Warcraft, smart board interactive whiteboard ,smart interactive whiteboard, and then turn to the holy ranks of elves, dwarves, orcs and sea races, while the strong human holy ranks are at the bottom. After hearing what Bahamut said, Lessant could not help but feel a little happy, but before he could be happy for a moment, Bahamut added: “But we dragons have not set foot in the land of Allen for thousands of years, which is forbidden in the clan, and we dragons also agreed with the strong of your human race that we would not step into the land of Allen.” At this point, Bahamut’s mind can not help but come up with a figure with a long red hair, the thought of this figure, Bahamut’s body can not help but hit the whole body. Shaking, I couldn’t help saying in my heart: My God, how could I think of this witch who had the title of “Dragon Avoidance Expert” and “Thieves Nemesis” in the human race in those days? As long as Bahamut thought about it, he couldn’t help but tremble all over. For the dragon from Dragon Island, this witch was absolutely a nightmare. If Huayun saw the red figure in Bahamut’s mind, Huayun would be surprised. The appearance of the red figure and Luna beside him. Similar 。 Hearing what Bahamut said, Nexant was in a hurry. “Great Bahamut, my ancestors once said that you are a great dragon, and you will fulfill your promise. And the place where Huayun is now is near the Demon Mountains, not the interior of the continent.” “By the Demon Mountains?”? “Well..” After pondering for a moment, Bahamut nodded and said, “That’s all right. Tell me the man’s name, appearance and where he is now. I’ll get rid of him for you immediately and fulfill my promise to Claire. From now on, my great dragon Bahamut has nothing to do with Claire. Don’t look for me.” “Yes, yes!” Nexant nodded hurriedly and said, “The man’s name is Hua Yun. He is a planter. He has black hair and pupils. He is about twenty years old. Now he is in Montreal, the border fortress of the Demon Mountains in the lower kingdom.” “Well, remember the great dragon Bahamut, you can rest assured to go!” At this point, without waiting for Nexant to say anything more, the red ripples in front of Nexant swayed and disappeared into the air, and the red scales in Nexant’s hands turned into countless red fire elements in an instant and disappeared into the air. Whew! With a long breath out of his mouth, Nexant wiped the sweat from his forehead. Faced with the highest race in the Allen continent, he only communicated through space. The power of the dragon, which came faintly through the space mirror, still made the king of the kingdom of Nexant feel a palpitation. After getting the promise of Bahamut, out of the secret passage of Lesent, this moment, it is particularly relaxed, with the help of Bahamut,4k smart board, Huayun even if strong, also certainly can not survive under the hands of the dragon. “Hey!” The Grand Duke of Raymond sat quietly in the study of his ducal mansion, sighing as he felt a faint wave of magic coming from the study of Lessant in the palace of the Kingdom of Sith. hsdsmartboard.com


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