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Ji Yanran looked at him in silence for a moment and sighed, “You..” “If you have made up your mind, then go back to the Yamen with us.” “Hello..” The grimace bandit laughed, “I can die for the little moon, but I don’t want to die in the hands of the court.”. And If I die like this, I will lose a lot of money, and I will have to pull a cushion. Why don’t you go to the afterlife with the thief and me, Mr. Ji? Said the grimace bandit, stretching out a hand to strangle Ji Yanran’s throat. There was no sign of fear in Ji Yanran’s eyes. He just smiled indifferently and said, “Since I want to talk to you alone, I don’t care about my own life and death.”. As long as you can do what you say, keep your family safe, and keep Lingge safe, what’s the harm in dying with you? Let’s do it. The grimace bandit’s eyes stayed on Ji Yanran’s face for a long time. Suddenly he let go of his hand and turned to the broken bed and sat down cross-legged again. He put away his seemingly relaxed and meaningless attitude. He gazed at Ji Yanran and said calmly, “I have a request. If you agree, you can take my life at any time.” “Say.” Ji Yanran also looked at him. Moon, that little silly girl, attaches great importance to love and righteousness, and loves to get into a dead end. If I die,Automated warehouse systems, I’m afraid she’ll do something stupid for a while. You must promise me that you will protect her no matter what. Whether she hates you or blames you, you will not give up until she completely forgets me and marries happily. Can you do that? The grimace bandit stared straight at Ji Yanran, knowing that the man was enough to make him trust, and that the man would agree to his request, and he even knew. This man has the same affection for his little moon as he does. Ji Yanran met his eyes and answered in a deep voice, “I promise you.” The grimacing bandit smiled and regained his ease. He leaned back on the bed and said, “Well,teardrop pallet racking, I have nothing to say..” How do you want me to die? Ji Yanran stared at the man on the bed who regarded life and death as nothing, frowned, did not speak, but walked back and forth in the abandoned hunter’s cabin with his hands on his back. Death is not terrible, but life is worse than death. Once this man dies, who is the one who lives for him? It’s her. Perhaps she is as smart as an elf, and from then on she will wither like a walking corpse, perhaps she smiles like a summer flower, and from then on she will wither like rotten crumbs, perhaps, perhaps she who can make the world colorful with every smile and movement, will take away all the colors in Ji Yanran’s eyes from now on.. At that time She is not the only one whose life is worse than death? Ji Yanran stopped and sighed a pale wry smile in the moonlight. He thought that he had the ability to abide by the gentleman’s way and follow the gentleman’s rules in his life, but he overestimated himself. He never thought that one day he would be unable to help himself, to subvert his life creed and code of conduct for a woman who might never know his feelings. This is not what a gentleman should do, metal racking systems ,shuttle rack system, but he has decided to do so, so he slowly looked at the man on the bed, opened his mouth in a deep voice, and said: “This house also wants you to say a word now-can you promise that you will never commit a crime again?” “Why, do you think I have’from now on ‘?” The grimace bandit cocked his chin sideways and looked at him with a smile. “But I can answer you: no.”. I’ve got what I want, and I’m no longer interested in other things. “Good.” Ji Yanran’s eyes suddenly sank, and his voice was low and slow: “Since you say you don’t want to fall into the hands of the court, then this house allows you to choose a place where you can’t leave your body. It’s best..” There is no way to find the place. ” The grimace bandit was stunned for a moment. He sat up slowly and looked at Ji Yanran’s serious face. Knowing that he was not joking or talking casually, he felt a little surprised. However, after tilting his head and thinking for a moment, he understood: This extremely clever Lord Ji.. Has been deeply in love, for Bo’s beloved person can be happy for a lifetime, would rather take the risk of resisting the decree to deceive the king, willing to help her and other men to fly together! He gave him a chance- “no body”, “can’t find”, what is he implying? Hint that as long as he grimace bandit has the ability to make a false impression of certain death in the case of Ji Yanran’s pursuit, deceiving everyone’s eyes, then when the case is over, he can be reborn with another identity to stay with his little moon for life! The idea was really tempting. The grimace bandit raised his chin and thought about it for a while. Then he glanced up at Ji Yanran and said, “I can find the place, but..” If it’s really hard to find my’corpse ‘, will you regret it, Lord Ji? Ji Yanran smiled with a bit of self-mockery and a bit of pride and said, “Since we have made this decision, we will not regret it.”. But you also don’t want to be too confident, this time responsible for the arrest of you in addition to the house and Yue adult two civil officials, and I am the first archer-so the final result will be what, can only see your own good fortune, the house can only control the meeting with you, and the final arrest process is the house can not control. Everything depends on human effort. Whether you live or die, whether you are sad or happy, it all depends on whether you have the ability to deal with it. The grimace bandit also smiled proudly. He jumped up from the bed and looked at Ji Yanran face to face. “I understand what you said,” he said. You are not doing this for me, but for my little moon, so I don’t want you. The final right is not a joke, to be honest, I am not sure I can survive. If I die, I hope you will not forget what you have just promised me; if I am lucky enough to live, I will not let you down-the happiness of Xiaoyue’s life, I will give her! Ji Yanran smiled and looked out of the window at the night. “So you and I have reached an agreement,” he said. If what I expect is true, she will find a way to sneak out of the house after dawn to find you, you. Do you want to see her again? “Of course!” The grimace bandit also smiled. “This time I will be separated from her forever. Naturally,push back racking system, I have a lot to say about myself. Tut, Lord Ji, do you envy me very much?” He winked mischievously at Ji Yanran.


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