The West Chamber

The matchmaker immediately took the brush, inkstone, and other things over. The young lady picked up the pen, pondered for a while, and then waved it. When the letter was finished, she felt that she had to send something to express her feelings. She took out an undershirt, a wrap around her belly, a pair of socks, a Yao Qin, a jade hairpin, and a mottled bamboo brush. He put them on the table one by one and said, “Qin Tong, pack up these things later and bring them to Xianggong for me.” “Miss,” said the matchmaker, “you got an official position. Don’t you have these things? What’s the reason for sending them to him?” “Yes,decorative palm trees,” said the young lady! You don’t know how much effort and effort I spent on these things to let him know my mind. “What does this shirt mean?” Asked the matchmaker. “If he sleeps in his undershirt,” said the young lady, “it’s like sleeping with him. As long as I stick to his skin and flesh, I don’t believe he can’t think of my gentleness.” “What about this belly?” Asked the matchmaker. The young lady says: “Often do not leave his around, guard his left and right sides, tie closely in his heart.” “What about the socks?” Asked the matchmaker. “The young lady says:” Although this sock thing is small,cherry blossom wedding centerpiece, after letting him wear, restrain him not to walk in disorder. “” Master Yaoqin has his own, “said the matchmaker.” Why do you want to take it? ” “You don’t understand,” said the young lady. “I thought I had planted the roots of love by reciting a five-character poem that day, and later the lyre became my spouse. How can he neglect the profound meaning of the poem? I’m afraid he’s rusty in playing the piano. “What do you think of this jade hairpin?” Asked the matchmaker. “Although the jade hairpin is small,” said the young lady, “it is made of beautiful jade. The jade is white and pure. It cannot be tarnished by the slightest flaw. It is like my love for him is strong and my body is like jade. Once upon a time, he used to cherish me like a beautiful jade. I am afraid that he will treat me like dirt and leave me behind in his mind when he is successful today. “What do you want him to do with this bamboo brush?” Asked the matchmaker. “The mottled bamboo tube has a profound meaning,” said the young lady. “It uses the green bamboo at the foot of the Jiuyi Mountain. When Concubine Xiang said goodbye to Yu Shun, her tears dripped on the bamboo like autumn rain, and every dot became a spot. At that time, artificial coconut palm trees ,large ficus tree, Ehuang was sad because of Yushun. Today, I, Yingying, am sad because of Zhang Lang. The bamboo at the foot of the Jiuyi Mountain and the cuff of the Xiangluo shirt were both soaked with ordinary cry marks. It seems that such tears are as good as new, and the eternal love is the same sorrow. Tears are exchanged, and resentment is hard to accept. “Don’t forget the old when you tell Zhang Lang a thousand times!” “Miss,” said the matchmaker, “when you say that, the matchmaker understands.” “” Go and fetch me ten taels of silver, “said the young lady,” and give it to the boy. “Thank you very much, Mother,” said Qin Tong. “Qin Tong,” said the young lady, “put these things away and keep them safe.” “Don’t worry, mistress,” said Qin Tong. “I’ll take care of it.” “Qin Tong,” said the young lady, “you’ll have to work hard on the way. I remind you not to use the bundle as a pillow when staying in the deserted village of Yedian, for fear of being blamed by your husband if it is greasy and dirty; if it is soaked in the rain, don’t twist it with your hands, for fear that it will be ironed and wrinkled after it is dry. You have to take in all these things carefully with me, and you can pass on a word for me when you see the officer. “What are you talking about?” Asked Qin Tong. “Go and tell the officer,” said the young lady, “that he is worried about me there, and I am thin for him here. When he left, he coaxed me with sweet words. The return date was set on September 9, but he didn’t know that it had already passed October Xiaoyangchun, and the date of the appointment was uncertain, so he let me’repent and teach my husband to find a seal ‘! You have to give him these things one by one, let him accept them, and finally let him read this tearful letter. “Don’t worry, young lady,” said Qin Tong. “Remember all the little ones. They won’t cause any trouble. “The little one said goodbye to him, and went on his way at night to reply to his husband.” Then he kowtowed to the young lady and went back to Chang’an. Chapter 17 Reunion of Husband and Wife It is said that after Zhang Sheng won the Number One Scholar in the Spring Festival, he lived in the Zhaoxian Guest House and waited for the emperor to give him an official position. Although he was triumphant and powerful,fake blossom tree, the well did not relieve him of his depression. A few days ago, under the imperial edict, he was granted the title of Hanlin Bachelor and sent to the Hanlin Academy to compile the history of the country.


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