The way of the six babies



“Yin is invincible!” Feeling the escape of Yin Bubai, Niye was furious. Although he knew it was not too late to chase him at this time, the situation did not allow him to do so. I’ll make you pay for what happened today! An angry roar came from Niye’s mouth. But he saw a red light in his hand, which flew in one direction and disappeared in the air in an instant. Jiang Ming flew all the way, and now he is flying in the divine world. Not to mention trying to avoid other people’s divine realm, but also to guard against the wind in the sky. When I first came to the divine world, I forgot where I was when I was flying many times. Gradually, I raised my stature and was pressed down by the wind again and again. Every time, it was a near miss. On this day, Jiang Ming went to the foot of a high mountain, looked at the towering peak, and took out the spherical object for positioning sent by yuan Bing. The God weaves in and finds that the place where he is now is marked with a circle. Looking at other places, there is no such circle sign. It seems that the dead woman has something to do with the people here. Jiang Mingxin said, would you like to visit him. Just then, there was a flash of white light on the mountain. Jiang Ming looked up and saw the white light flying along the mountain wall toward his side. Moments later,temperature screening kiosk, an old man with a white beard appeared in front of him. This person to Jiang Ming’s first impression is approachable, with that full face of white beard, add a bit of kindness. Little friend has been wandering here for a long time, but he doesn’t go up the mountain. I don’t know what little friend is doing. The old man said kindly, and Jiang Ming reacted from his dullness. He had no idea that there would be such a God. Perhaps because of the three ghosts and yuan Bing, Jiang Ming seems to have a grudge against all the gods in his mind. He was surprised by the sudden appearance of such a kind man of God. Senior.. At a loss for words,touch screen digital signage, I didn’t know what to say. “My name is Xiangxinzi. If you don’t mind, you can call me Brother Xiangzi.” With his kind temperament, Jiang Ming was completely convinced by this man. The senior is really broad-minded! Jiang Ming sighed, “To tell you the truth, the younger generation has just come to the divine world.”. Really saw some disappointing predecessors, then the predecessors can have such cultivation, but still maintain such a mind greatly convinced. Jiang Ming said truthfully. Xiangxinzi smiled softly, “The reason why the divine world has the present situation is precisely because the gods are seeking the highest power, rather than improving their own state of mind.”. So that most people can no longer be promoted. Then he turned around and looked at the high mountain peak. “Since you have just ascended to the fairy world, you can’t rush around.”. If you don’t mind, outdoor digital signage displays ,facial recognization camera, the old man’s half-acre barren mountain can accommodate his little friend. Then he turned to look at Jiang Ming, who added a little warmth to his heart. At the warm invitation of Xiangxinzi, Jiang Ming went up the mountain with him. The mountain is tens of thousands of meters high, the peak is towering into the clouds, and above the clouds is the wind activity area. So Xiangxinzi’s residence is actually halfway up the mountain. Standing on the hillside, Jiang Ming looked up and saw that the divine world was really a boundless continent. Jiang Ming gathered his divine power in his eyes, and it was also boundless at a glance. Overhead is constantly rolling thick clouds, although many times can fly on the edge of thick clouds, but now standing on the hillside, it is another flavor. Jiang Ming stood on the hillside and did not know how long he had stood. Feeling the passage of time, the rolling of thick clouds, gradually entered a state of muddleheaded. He could feel that his heart was calm, and he could feel the changes around him, the growth of life and the flow of the wind. Xiangxinzi stood behind Jiang Ming with infinite curiosity in his eyes. The boy who had just ascended to the divine world gave him a sense of mystery. That’s why he went down the mountain and asked him to come up. Although he was very peaceful, he would definitely not take the liberty to ask a passer-by to go up the mountain. Also do not know how long, Jiang Ming felt has been very quiet God weaving range appeared a trace of fluctuations. The state of muddleheaded was lost immediately, and when he woke up, he found that he had spent decades unconsciously. As the power in the range of the God weaves fluctuates and goes, an old man with a white beard and a white Taoist robe is flying this way. Unlike Xiangxinzi, Xiangxinzi has a peaceful face, while the bearer has an evil face. When the man flew a thousand meters away from the mountain, a white boundary suddenly appeared in front of him. Jiang Ming turned his head and saw Xiangxinzi looking at the man a thousand meters away with a face of displeasure. It seems that the barrier was also sent by him. What else are you doing here? Xiangxinzi said softly, but his voice passed clearly through the boundary and reached the ears of the people. I said I would never stop as long as I didn’t go to Ling Nie Cliff. As soon as the bearer brushed his skirt, his words were filled with the spirit of Xiao Sha. Ling Nie Cliff is the place where the Master is in seclusion. You can’t just go up if you want to. Xiangxinzi said angrily. I didn’t know about Master’s retreat. It is clear that you have plotted against the Master and want to monopolize the treasure in Ling Nie Cliff. The bearer said in a loud voice, and Jiang Ming frowned. It turned out that this man was a brother with a kind heart. You clearly want the nickel-plated thorn in Ling Nie Cliff, and I won’t let you go up. As for whether the Master is in seclusion at Ling Nie Cliff, he will give you a satisfactory answer when he leaves the pass in the future. “Well, I’m afraid I can’t wait for that day.” The bearer snorted, “Today, either let me go up the mountain smoothly, or after you lie down, I will go up the mountain again.”. You choose. “Bastard!” Xiang Xinzi roared, “You are so highly regarded by the Master.”. But I don’t want you to be such a villain! “Shut up!” “What qualifications do you have to teach me?” He snapped. As he spoke, a scarlet sword appeared in his hand, pointing directly at Xiang Xinzi. The sharp sword rubbed sparks on the boundary wall and made a hissing sound. When Xiangxinzi saw the red sword,digital whiteboard price, his body shook obviously. For a moment, his face showed a touch of disappointment: “I didn’t expect that you would sell your soul to the devil.” “Xiangxinzi sighed.” I would give anything for strength. Ha-ha With the sound of his heart, the red sword in his hand penetrated the boundary wall directly in front of him.


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