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For a long time, Su Jingwen breathed a sigh of relief. She didn’t have the original worry in her heart. She looked at him quietly and suddenly said, “I want to go home.” She understood that Su Jingwen wanted to go home. She was tired and wanted to go back to Ninghai. If he could do it, he would not hesitate to take Su Jingwen home, but he could not do it either. He pulled Su Jingwen into his arms and said softly, “I’m sorry, Jingwen, I can’t take you home now, but I promise I can take you home one day.”. You can be with Luo Ying, Qingxue and Yingzhu in the future. There is also a small rhyme, he groaned in his heart, he suddenly felt that he was too outrageous, there must be no next time. Xiaoyun has no news yet, and I don’t know how she is. Su Jingwen trembled all over, she raised her head, suddenly there was a kind of sadness in her heart, is this his promise to me? Slowly kissed down, Su Jingwen’s lips are very soft,smart board whiteboard, but very cold. But soon her lips became warm, and gradually there was a little temperature. Also do not know how long, Su Jingwen suddenly woke up, she remembered that there were two other people in the bow of the boat. But when she looked over, Li Jingmin and Yu Qiyang had already left for a long time. But she found that she had completely squeezed into the arms, it seems that this is not the case, she can no longer find the feeling of security. Jingwen,smartboards for business, from today on, you will follow me to practice. Feeling that Su Jingwen did not have a trace of True Qi in her body, she knew that she had not yet practiced, although she did not know what the reason was, but she would not let this situation continue. Ah Su Jingwen suddenly trembled, and the soft body that had just risen in temperature became a little stiff, and the temperature even fell down very quickly. It seemed that her words made her think of a terrible result. What’s the matter? Kui transported a trace of Zhenyuan to Su Jingwen, so that she settled down. Su Jingwen was silent for a while. Then she breathed a sigh of relief and said, “I’m sorry. I have no spiritual roots. I can’t practice.” Then she looked up and wondered how disappointed she was. But she was disappointed, just showing a sudden look, even the eyes did not change. Su Jingwen’s heart sank a little, she slowly pushed away, “I can’t repair the truth.” Her tone became more and more disappointed and depressed, touch screen board classroom ,classroom interactive whiteboard, which she could not overcome. He pulled Su Jingwen over again and said with a slight smile, “I know you can’t cultivate the truth. My sister Ye Ling couldn’t cultivate the truth at the beginning. Now she may have built a foundation.”. So you don’t have to worry, with me, even if there is no spiritual root, it’s nothing. “You can let me repair the truth.” Su Jingwen’s tone was completely unable to calm down. She had heard that there was no way without spiritual roots, but there was a way? At this moment, she could no longer suppress the excitement and joy in her heart. Her excitement was not that she could practice, but that she could still be with him through practice. He didn’t know that he was the only man he had ever danced with. He didn’t know that he was the only man who had ever been in his car. He didn’t know that he was the only man he liked. When she felt tired, tired and hesitant, God sent him to her again, and God gave her a chance again. People say that women chase men, but she believes that in the land of China, there is no woman chasing a man as hard as she is. He nodded affirmatively, “Yes, I can refine a kind of’Five yuan Dan ‘, which can make you produce spiritual roots, and it’s a good spiritual root.”. So, you don’t have to worry. She finally understood why Su Jingwen was so melancholy before. After seeing herself, she was only happy for a moment. She looked unhappy again. She couldn’t practice and had no spiritual roots. By the way, how do you know you have no spiritual roots? Suddenly he asked with a strange voice. Just as Su Jingwen was about to answer, she suddenly remembered something. She grabbed her hand and said, “Yimo has been taken away. Hurry up and bring her back.” “What happened to Yimo?” He could no longer calm down. The strongest three million words, this is a memorable day, but look at the monthly ticket and back two, really not happy ah. Ask for a monthly ticket. (Congratulations!) .. (To be continued. If you like this work, you are welcome to vote for recommendation and monthly tickets. Your support is my greatest motivation. Chapter 973 Hidden Spirit Root. When Su Jingwen saw that she was nervous and worried, she said hurriedly, “You don’t have to worry. Yimo should be all right.”. When I arrived at the small world with Yimo, Yuehua and Wanqing, I asked you everywhere. There are many people who know you, and no one dares to be rude to us because of you. But a lot of people guessed that you went to the transport array of Xingjiashan, so the four of us also went to the transport array and followed here. Seeing that she had calmed down, Su Jingwen breathed a sigh of relief and went on to say, “I was a little afraid when I uploaded the array. I was also worried that Yimo was afraid. At that time, I took Yimo’s hand.”. But after the transmission stopped, Yimo and I found that Yuehua and Wanqing did not go to the same place with us, and the four of us separated. Kui nodded, he knew that the transport array was a random transport array, because he knew at the beginning, this just took the hands of Song Yingzhu and Ye Ling, three people did not separate. But Su Jingwen just took Yimo’s hand, apparently separated from the other two. How is Yimo? He asked worriedly. Yimo and I were transported to the outside of a very ordinary town,electronic board for classroom, which was about five or six hundred miles away from Jiangchuan City. Yimo and I went to that small town. At that time, Yimo had a lot of things in his storage ring, so we didn’t have to worry about our lives. 。


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