The Retainer of Sister Shan in the Warring States Period

The reason is very simple, Japan is this kind of four people are not equal, the class will never change, the daimyo died are daimyo, after the death of the untouchables are still untouchables, what is good about the untouchables? Japan is so big that it doesn’t need the idea of being close to the people at all. How can there be Confucius’benevolence in such a barbaric place? The Celestial Empire stresses benevolence and righteousness, which is true benevolence and righteousness. As an aside, five thousand years of culture and two thousand and five hundred years of benevolence and morality have turned the Celestial people into a race with benevolence and righteousness in their marrow, even the so-called benevolence of women. This seems to be different even from India, a Buddhist country. We stand on several human points and pay attention to benevolence. Even if it is true that one day we March to Japan and occupy Tokyo, there are 200,000 children in three million people standing in front of us. Let you do the collective dismemberment. Can you do it? Except, of course, for a few perverts. But it’s good to die. At that time, all the people in Japan were this kind of people. Our country’s foreign conquest is not restricted. Not because of the poor, but because do not consume the people, the people naturally like our master. Rule by love, rule by hate. There is an essential difference between the two,347 stainless steel, whether adults believe it or not, there is absolutely no lie in what I said. I come from the Celestial Dynasty, and naturally act in accordance with the benevolence, righteousness and morality of the Celestial Dynasty. If adults want to be the same as their own family, it’s easy. Just implement the policy of benevolence. One more order 484 Soviet-German non-aggression It is written as Uesugi and read as Renyi. The Uesugi family, especially its head. Sister Uesugi, who became the leader of Dongguan,316 stainless steel plate, couldn’t wait to ask for the implementation of this kind of benevolence and righteousness within the four seas. Imagawa Yoshimoto was sure that if the girl sitting in his seat at the moment was a military God, then he might really believe it. However Li Wei should be the one who has no right to say benevolence and righteousness in Japan. For no other reason than a bad reputation-! Originally, there were some hearsay stories and rumors in those years, and all the people with brains were happy to listen to them. The past was the past, and no one took it seriously. However, it is still a cliche that Livy’s so-called in Vietnam has an unimaginable effect. He was in Yuezhong just because he wanted to kill people, and five hundred people were already small. During the implementation of the “full cross” policy in Vietnam, Uesugi had made a fierce opposition to this almost inhuman practice. This is very different from her usual style of doing things, but when Livy said, “Is it not worth the peace of a country to punish a powerful family with five hundred crimes?” The latter was immediately defeated by the addition and subtraction of human life. Unfortunately, all this was not done in the name of Uesugi Jiamiao, but in the name of Livy. So while it’s a deterrent, Levi’s name is also a deterrent. Benevolence and righteousness. What? I was taught. It turns out that lying in this world can also be done with your eyes open. Bullshit, 316l stainless steel pipe ,x56 line pipe, Imagawa Yoshimoto said he had to work harder. In fact, the so-called benevolence and righteousness is just nonsense. Looking at the “letter you are a fool” look on Imagawa Yoshimoto’s face, Levi knew that his words went in from the other side’s left ear and flew directly to the enemy from the right ear. So he opened his mouth and said something that was diametrically opposed to the topic just now. Hmm? Several of the senior decision-makers of the Imagawa family were stunned and said that the Uesugi family had not sent schizophrenic patients to be messengers, right? It doesn’t look like it, but why do you speak so topsy-turvy? “My Lord, the old man is really puzzled.”. “The Buddha beads in the hands of Taiyuan Xuezhai were reincarnated at the fingertips over and over again. I was puzzled and asked,” This sentence seems to be totally different from what the adults just said. ” “The so-called benevolence and righteousness, say to others to listen to, do it yourself for outsiders to see, there is no need to really think about it, just like the family, has always been to educate the four people with benevolence and righteousness, so that no matter the warriors or the untouchables, will not give birth to a rebellious heart!”! If it’s possible. In fact, the governor only needs to do a little bit of harmless action, such as getting off the ground car during the spring ploughing, and being with the victims in the year of disaster. Such examples have been done by many ancient kings of benevolence and righteousness. Emperor Xuanzong of the Tang Dynasty did this kind of thing, but I think even Lord Daisuke has heard about his extravagance, right? So, benevolence and righteousness is 0 oneself do for others to see, say to others to listen to one by one home from top to bottom to do, only the Ministry of Daisuke adult and my master, I and Taiyuan Xuezhai adult of two people, can’t take it seriously. Said for a long time the meaning is very simple, said so much, in the final analysis is Liu Bei started that set-hypocritical. This is too barbaric, Livy can do as much as he can, he did not expect one or two words can change the Japanese habit problem, that is, he usually simple, in the future to solve the whole of Japan. Things after. Anyway, he may not be able to believe what he said to Imagawa Yoshiki now. But it is enough for him to do a little. Mouth But Li Wei did not know how effective his words were. People have weaknesses. Li Wei, who had no intention of finding the two weaknesses of Imagawa Yoshimoto, had just spoken to the edge of the knife. Imagawa Yoshimoto has long heard that Takeda Shingen in the north is popular in the mountains. Now think about it. In the early years, when Takeda Shingen had just expelled his father Takeda Nobutora, he shared the hardships of the people and had a great relationship with the people in water control! The second point is that Imagawa Yoshimoto, as a famous family, is closer to the general’s family than the Uesugi family in the world. Sometimes doing things really can’t save face. It’s not what he wants to do, and he has to consider the impact. But just now Li Weidu said that Emperor Xuanzong of the Tang Dynasty had done the thing of “eating grasshoppers raw in famine years”, so what’s wrong with him? The most important thing is that Li Wei said these words, very much in line with Li Zongwu’s “Thick Black Learning”! Machiavelli’s “The Prince” lets all the people who engage in Machiavellian know as soon as they hear it that what the other side says is despicable,316ti stainless steel, shameless and dirty, but it is true. I almost forgot to mention that Machiavelli’s “The Prince” was once tested. But the comment I got was: “Ah, what this thing says is quite reasonable.” The implication is that it is ridiculous to do so.


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