The Adventure of Picking Up a Mermaid Egg (Spirit God Strange Mermaid Birth) Author: Xie Ye

Qin Laozi’s expression darkened, and he was a little disappointed with Jinghai’s name, but he also knew that it was a bit difficult to let Jinghai accept him for a while and call him Grandpa. He coughed and began to talk about the past with a nostalgic look. Jinghai and Luohai exchanged a look, and then began to listen quietly to the old man with a heavy face about his story with his grandmother. In fact, the story of the old man and the grandmother is very cliche. As the eldest son of the Qin family, Qin lost his footing and fell into a mountain depression while on vacation in the wild. Unfortunately, he rolled into the river and was washed out for several kilometers. At that time, the young grandmother saved the injured and unconscious old man when she was picking wild vegetables. Unfortunately, the old man could not remember anything when he woke up. The doctor said that when he was in the water, his head hit the river stone and he lost his memory. Perhaps for today’s young people, amnesia can be regarded as an old plot in TV dramas and novels, anyway, it will surely recover later and have a happy ending. But for people at that time, amnesia was an incurable disease. People who have lost their memories can recover their previous memories, and the chances are uncertain. Some people recover quickly, while others can’t remember the past for a lifetime. After losing his memory, Qin stayed at his grandmother’s house for a while and planned to see if he showed any signs of recovery. In addition, Grandma’s father, Liu Fu, also went out to inquire about whether anyone was missing nearby. Unfortunately, at that time, Mr. Qin secretly went out to travel in the wild to relax without telling his family. He deliberately hid his traces. As for the documents that could prove his identity, they all fell into the river in the mountains when he lost his footing,86 smart board, and there was no way to find them. In addition, Grandma’s home is deep in the mountains, isolated from the outside world, and it is rare to exchange information with the outside world. Qin Laozi, who had lost his memory, had been pampered since childhood. He could not shoulder the burden and could not carry the burden. He was not welcomed by his grandmother at that time. But for the sake of his being a patient, Grandma couldn’t say anything. Qin, who had lost his memory at that time,smartboard for business, looked at his grandmother. Although she had a petite and weak face, she was good at doing farm work. All the work at home, big and small, was done for her. Cooking, washing clothes, planting vegetables, harvesting and so on were not difficult for her. As a man, he was embarrassed to live and eat for free, so he began to learn to work with his grandmother. Qin Laozi is also a patient and willing to bear hardships, although at first he worked crookedly and often hurt his hands and feet, but later he became skilled and soon finished his apprenticeship from his grandmother, even faster and more neat than his grandmother. After all, the physical strength gap between men and women is there. Grandma also appreciated Qin’s hardworking, down-to-earth and capable character. At that time, their village took more than grain to the town to sell, because the people in the village are relatively simple, interactive whiteboards in the classroom ,65 inch smart board, coupled with the buyer’s price, the selling price is generally relatively low. However, since Qin Laozi went to sell grain together, he gave full play to his merchant nature, simply collected all the grain in the village, bargained with the buyers, and raised the price of grain by 30%. The simple villagers were so happy that they smiled from ear to ear. Grandma was even more impressed by Grandpa’s shrewdness. Ahem. In a word, two people will get along with each other day and night for a long time. At that time, Qin was actually very open-minded, and he lived in his grandmother’s mountain village for half a year without any sign of memory recovery. At that time, people in the mountain village also thought that it was unlikely that he could recover, after all, there were people in their village who had hurt their heads and could not remember the precedent for a lifetime. As to whether he could recover his memory, Qin also felt more mysterious, and he, who had always been pragmatic, felt at ease to stay in the mountain village. Based on Qin’s shrewd and capable ability, he quickly integrated into the isolated village. After a while, he married his grandmother, and they loved each other very much after marriage. Originally thought that the two of them would live happily in that small mountain village, but how could they know the disaster from heaven. At that time, Grandma’s mother died early, and it was Grandma’s father, Liu Fu, who brought up Grandma. After marriage, they were also very filial to the old man. Unexpectedly, Liu’s father, who had always been strong, suddenly fell ill. It was raining heavily in the mountains overnight. Qin pushed a wooden cart to send Liu’s father to the hospital in the town regardless of the danger. Because the grandmother was already pregnant at that time, Mr. Qin and two strong men in the village went on the road together. Unfortunately, they encountered a mudslide, Qin Laozi in order to rescue a young man, the head was hit by rocks, bleeding profusely. The boys rushed him to the town hospital together with Liu Fu. Unexpectedly, it was estimated that there was a delay on the way, and Liu’s father was sent to the hospital soon after. Qin’s head was bandaged, and after the blood transfusion, he was sent to the general ward. Strangely, after the boys finished the formalities of Liu’s father, they found that Qin had disappeared from the hospital! They searched the whole hospital but did not find the figure of the old man Qin, so they had to go back and tell the grandmother at that time. At that time, the grandmother suffered two bad news and almost had a miscarriage. Later, she was so strong that she could only stand up for the sake of the child. She finished Liu’s father’s funeral with a big belly. Then, under the care of the villagers, she gave birth to a daughter, Jinghai’s mother. When the child was one month old, the grandmother began her long search for her husband despite the prevention of the villagers. Hard work pays off. After searching for a whole year, Grandma finally found Mr. Qin in a newspaper. The whole page of the newspaper was printed with the wedding photos of Qin and a beautiful woman who were hand in hand and smiling happily. Only then did Grandma know the true identity of the old man Qin, and what hit her even more was that he had married another woman. She quietly inquired about the news of Qin Laozi. She heard that he had completely lost his memory during the period of amnesia after he had disappeared for a year. After he came back, Qin Laozi married the woman who had been engaged since childhood. She heard that they were well-matched and very happy. Sad,smart board for conference room, I feel that the old man Qin is no longer the husband she loves. In addition, she could not do anything to break up other people’s families secretly, so Grandma gave up and returned to the village to concentrate on raising her daughter.


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