Ten reincarnations

This trip has changed the situation a lot, the first is to make a large-scale adjustment to the strategy of the Kingdom of Zebulun. He had intended to take advantage of the civil strife after the death of the old king of Zebulun to take the Kingdom of Zebulun at one stroke, but now. Secrete II had no problem living for another eight or ten years, and it didn’t make much sense for him to keep the second prince of the Kingdom of Zebulun. After extorting a large ransom, he put the guy back. The Kingdom of Zebulun then sent an emissary to offer peace talks. Because the city of Tarakah stood there, he could not do anything about the kingdom of Zebulun. Besides, the war with the Three Kingdoms had just ended, and it was not appropriate to continue the war now-it was necessary to recuperate, so Yasimelech agreed to the request of the Kingdom of Zebulun for peace talks, and the two countries formally signed an armistice agreement and began a long process of peace talks. As expected, the almost formulaic bargaining was dull, and the peace talks lasted for 20 long days before they were finalized. The two sides signed a peace treaty, and because of the stalemate on the battlefield, neither side had much advantage, so they did not expect to extract additional benefits from the peace talks. At the negotiating table, everything was an equal exchange. Therefore, Yasimelech had little interest in the peace treaty. He didn’t show up at all from the beginning to the end of the peace talks. His reason for not showing up was also very grand-because the king of Zebulun was not present either. The relationship between father and son is really. Alas. After an emissary from the Kingdom of Zebulun offered peace talks, Yasimelech turned his attention to the Origa Empire, which was in civil strife. The six princes of the Origa Empire did have some skills. It was only a month since the civil strife. He had successfully suppressed several of his brothers and ascended to the throne of the emperor. He will hold the enthronement ceremony in a few days, but unfortunately. There was a sneer on Asimil’s lips. He had ordered Nightwing and Ernest to send men to the four princes who had narrowly escaped the pursuit of the six princes of the Origa Empire-the four princes employed by the Origa Empire as mercenaries and killers. He did not intend to let the civil strife of the Origa Empire end, for him, the annexation of the Origa Empire was already in the plan. While Yasimelech was busy calculating the Origa Empire, on the bridge between the Holy Land and the Abyss, the eight main gods gathered for the first time since the Battle of the Gods because of the awakening of the Temple of the Goddess of Creation in the human world. The result was that under the awkward silence, the gods broke up in discord! Back in the abyss, Lucius, the God of death, and Hades, the God of darkness, read the latest report from Beropelu, the Apostle of Wrath, in the temple of the God of darkness. In fact, there is no need to read it at all. The reports sent back by Beropelu in the past few years are very dull and there is nothing substantive. I suspect that Beropelu is hiding something! Lucius, the God of death, put down the scroll in his hand. “The report only mentions that they went to the Silver Water Hall, and then their whereabouts were unknown.”. It’s easy to keep up with them with Belo Pelou’s ability, but.. But there’s nothing in Beropelle’s report! At the command of the Mother God, she dared not tell her master the truth even if she killed Belo Pelou, but she could not lie to her master, so she had to report some insignificant things and avoid those sensitive topics. Caught between the mother God and her master, Inflatable mechanical bull , she is really difficult to do ah! I really want to finish this task and go back to the abyss! “I know.” Hades, the God of darkness, sighed almost helplessly. He knows far more than Lucius, the God of death. In fact, he had long suspected that Beropelu had something to hide from him, so he personally began to investigate, did not expect the results. He’d rather not know anything. Just as he would rather not know the truth of creation. Sometimes it’s not pleasant to know some secrets that shouldn’t be known. I’m going to ask Belo Pelou to come back. There’s no point in her staying there anyway. Lucius, the God of death, neither opposed nor approved the proposal of Hades, the God of darkness. But Hades, the God of darkness, took his silence as acquiescence. After a long silence, Lucius, the God of death, said, “I think the mother God is in the human world!” He is really a blockbuster! His words almost caused Hades, the God of darkness, to spit out the mellow wine he had just drunk. How did he know? What are you talking about? Mother God is in the human world? Don’t be ridiculous! Mother God is sleeping now, how can she be in the human world?! You are the child of the Mother God, and if the Mother God wakes up, you should feel something! Hades, the God of darkness, denied it so quickly that he accidentally spilled the beans. But this time Lucius, the God of death, caught his speech. Why do you say “you” instead of “we”? You are also a child of the Mother God! “Yes, I am also a child of the Mother God.” The tone of Hades, the God of darkness, was bitter. How is it possible.. If I really am.. If I don’t explore the truth of creation, I will probably look down on everything in the world with a sense of superiority, just like other elemental gods. But Seeing the insincerity of Hades, the God of darkness, Lucius, the God of death, wanted to ask questions, but was blocked by a word from Hades. Don’t ask again! I won’t say anything! There are some things you shouldn’t know! Yes! There are some things they shouldn’t know. I’ll take my leave, then. Lucius, the God of death, left the temple of Hades, the God of darkness, and made a decision in his mind. But now he doesn’t know how much this decision will affect the world. In the Holy Land, in the temple of the goddess of life. After returning from the bridge between the worlds, no, it should be said that after the gods sensed the awakening of the temple of the goddess of creation, the mood of the goddess of life,inflatable floating water park, Limina, became very unstable. She was now shutting herself up in her room and saying to herself with some uneasiness, “It’s impossible!”! It is impossible for the Mother God to appear in the human world. It’s impossible. “But..” Who else but the Mother God can awaken the temple of the Goddess of Creation? 。 joyshineinflatables.com


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