The impact of even a single error or bug slipping after the product release can be catastrophic. Sure, companies invest heavily in quality assurance and testing. But what else can you do to release your product faster and reduce vulnerabilities? The answer is software code security audit  A good code audit service helps to: 1)find out-of-date tools; 2)determine the security risks; 3)discover inappropriate development practices. A code review can help avoid deeper problems in the future. It allows companies to upgrade a product’s quality, security, maturity, and maintainability. Launching a product without a software code audit is possible if you prefer to take chances. However, the risks may be too high.If you prefer to stay on the safe side and get the benefits of a code audit, your product will be checked for: 1)Front-end and back-end code quality; 2)Security vulnerabilities; 3)Performance and scalability; 4)Current architecture examination; 5)Security vulnerabilities analysis; 6)Potential maintenance issues.   As a result, such a source code audit will save you from major bugs and extra costs to fix problems, vulnerabilities, security, and maintenance issues. read more