Business performance is the key to achieving success. If your organization fails to perform to you or your client’s expectations, then few other successes will matter. A business is like a strong river current; if you don’t push yourself forward, you will soon be swept downstream to failure and obscurity. It helps your organization increase performance, boosts revenue, and maximizes ROI by providing the tools it needs to fight the current. With more than 15,00,000 companies in its portfolio, Salesforce has been holding strong in the cloud CRM market. Some of the reasons CRM holds 20% of the overall market share in the domain are its uniqueness in reporting, visual data presentation, enhanced efficiency with automation, proactive service, etc. Here, we discuss how a process-driven platform like Salesforce can help you improve your core business processes and what to customize in a Salesforce CRM! How Salesforce Development helps improve business processes in a number of ways 1- Salesforce speeds up processes The overall process speeds up any time a manual step is replaced by an automated one. An example of a fictional sales process might be: Once a deal is ready to quote, the sales rep writes the quote, sends […] read more