Every hiker should own a decent fleece mid-layer or base layer for two main reasons: durability and warmth. They are thin enough to be breathable, light enough to not add that much extra weight and warm enough for chilly summits and cooler nights camping.  A fleece layer offers a full range of motion, which makes them best for heavy activity in cooler weather. Fleece also absorbs less than 1% of its weight in water, which means it dries very fast AND is more resistant to water. You’ll see us wearing a fleece layer out on a trail run, mountain biking, under a puffy in the snow, curling up in our sleeping bag, on a boat or hanging by a windy body of water. In our opinion, it’s an all-season layer and in this gear review we’ll dive into our top 6 Micro Grid Fleece options out there. Every piece we reviewed is a great alternative to the coveted, but overhyped (unpopular opinion) Melanzana Micro Grid Fleece Hoodie.  Now for the best part: the reviews. Full Disclosure: we absolutely LOVE all of these pullovers and have worn each of them on numerous occasions. It was very challenging to not give them all a 10/10. You could […] read more