The petroleum-like substance is intended to be rubbed on the chest and throat to ease a cough or onto sore areas to relieve muscle or joint ache. Apply a bit of it on the frequent areas in the home where your pet does its enterprise, and its robust odor will prevent future accidents. All you need to do is road salt toxic to dogs to rub a little bit of it on the affected areas and it will soon present relief. When utilized to the chest, inhaling the vapors of this product might present temporary relief of cough brought on by irritation of the throat or lungs. Applying VapoRub on the affected area will eliminate the inflammation and itching brought on by this pores and skin situation. Will Vicks Vaporub clog my drain? In 1894, he launched a product that was destined to make him a fortune, Vicks Magic Salve, a cure for croup. Despite his laborious work, Lunsford Richardson’s new enterprise didn’t make a revenue, and he began to run out of financial savings. Smith Richardson’s prescription for a wholesome firm was to focus its efforts on promoting the product that introduced in essentially the most money Vicks Croup […] read more