Smoke Alarm Installation In Sydney

Having smoke detectors in your home is a legal requirement in Sydney. They are normally quick to install and easy to maintain. We can provide a competitive quote and have your smoke alarm installed in a timely manner by our reliable and tidy electricians.


If your smoke detector is beeping or chirping then it could be as simple as changing the battery or it could mean the alarm is faulty. At Marky Sparky we can provide free advice if your alarm is beeping and can talk you through battery replacement and fault diagnosis.


Smoke Alarm Installation In Sydney

We provide a maintenance service to real estate agents and landlords that minimise the chance of expensive callouts and faulty smoke alarms. We focus on an efficient speed of service while providing landlords and real estate agentswith minimal fuss.


Smoke Alarms Service Sydney

Our smoke alarm service covers everything from testing and maintenance to installation. Marky Sparky Electrical can provide valuable advice on the location and amount of detectors that a home should have as well as the difference between photoelectric and ionisation smoke alarms.


Smoke Alarm Installation In Sydney


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