Quick wear: boss, have the guts to fight with me by Xin Jiujiu

Orc baby low call, tawny eyes, the accumulation of tears, Xin Jiujiu to see the heartache, carried him into the house. She sat on the wooden bed and let him sit face to face on her lap. Her hand gently stroked his back. The baby orc made a sobbing sound. He was really crying! Xin Jiujiu was shocked at his discovery, but also more distressed, bowed his head and gently kissed his forehead. Because of the language barrier, there is no way to find out the reason, there is no way to comfort, two people so silent, Xin Jiujiu patience is very good, again and again to give him back, until the orc baby emotional stability, Xin Jiujiu just remembered, do not know this little guy did not eat dinner. She was too lazy to make gestures, so she simply reached out and touched his stomach. After the identification, he didn’t eat, even if he ate some, he didn’t eat enough! The sound of opening and closing the door came from the last room next door, followed by a harmonious sound. Xin Jiujiu’s face was a little hot. He reached out and touched the orc’s ear. The ear moved. Xin Jiujiu boldly blocked his ear. The orc, who was enjoying his squinting eyes, suddenly opened his eyes. It was very uncomfortable, but he endured it. Xin Jiujiu smiled in embarrassment, another drawback of group life, no privacy! Of course, in the eyes of real tribesmen, they don’t know what privacy is, and they are bold and open. While stroking the orc baby’s back, while carrying him out of the house, just met less ten, at this moment met less ten, Xin Jiujiu will be embarrassed, but less ten obviously frankly a lot, it seems that did not care about what just happened, see the orc baby in Xin Jiujiu’s arms,ultrasonic handheld welder, calmly asked. The orcs are back? “Mmm!”! Everybody Did you all go back to the house? The orcs haven’t eaten yet. Shaoshi glanced back and nodded. All back to the house, you go, I and a few other people with the vigil, if you need help to call me! All right! Thank you for being less than ten! After saying goodbye to Shaoshi, Xin Jiujiu took the orc to the campfire. If she had been more careful, she would have found that when she talked to Shaoshi just now, the baby orc was particularly clingy, holding her neck and burying her face deep in her hair and ears. By the campfire, Xin Jiujiu sat back where he had just sat and put the orc baby on the ground. He seemed to know what she was going to do, stuck over again, meowed, pointed to Xin Jiujiu’s house, then ran quickly over, and when he came back, two branches, one left and one right, were forking a fish. “……” At this moment, Xin Jiujiu suddenly realized that the orc baby did not leave without saying goodbye, ultrasonic spray nozzle ,ultrasonic sonochemistry machine, he just went hunting for her as usual. If she remembers correctly, the lynx’s food is small mammals and birds, and fish is not on their food list, which means that the baby orc may be catching fish for the first time! That’s why the delay is a little longer. Not knowing whether to laugh or cry, or how to explain to him, she reached out and rubbed his head, took his fish, found a clay pot, filled it with water, removed the fish’s internal organs, and pushed it into the fire bit by bit. She is cooking fish soup, and the clay pot acts as a casserole, which should be very useful! Chapter 338 the patron saint of the beast world (31). The orc’s ears are sharp. He looks around the room quizzically. The sound of pain and pleasure confuses him. Ok! With all kinds of spices, they seem to eat mineral salt. I still think sea salt is better, but.. Some of them are good to eat. Xin Jiujiu used another very small pottery pot as a bowl, two straight branches as chopsticks, scooped up half a bowl of fish soup with a bowl, picked up a large piece of fish with chopsticks, handed it to the baby orc, but saw him propped up his ears, looked doubtfully at someone else’s house, a curious face, realized that Xin Jiujiu looked over, and even pointed at the house with a meow, so that Xin Jiujiu blushed directly. Not suitable for children, not suitable for children.. The baby orc is still a child! Don’t pay attention to them! You should watch the soup in my hand! Uninformed little fellow! She grasped his excited hand and put the bowl into his hand, so that he had to take his attention back. Xin Jiujiu knew that the orc baby had a strong ability to imitate, so he drank a mouthful of fish soup through his hand. The orc baby blinked and tasted it like her. Suddenly, his eyes lit up, as if he had discovered a new continent. The fish here, with few bones and thick meat, is very delicious, tender and smooth, and simply impeccable. Xin Jiujiu looked around, but did not find a small pottery pot. He could only steal a taste of the bowl in the hands of the orc baby. You grabbed a mouthful and I grabbed a mouthful. The orc baby obviously could not think about the strange sound, but his ears would move from time to time. After eating a whole fish and half a can of fish soup, Xin Jiujiu touched the belly of the orc baby and pulled him up, although he still didn’t want to go. I can’t eat any more! You ate a whole fish yourself! Eat too much stomach can not stand! Pulling the orc baby slowly back to the house, after a hundred steps, the orc life is short, and she wants to change his habits, eat sterilized cooked food, eat eight full, do not overeat, do not drink raw water, eat less and eat more.. I don’t know if this can change his doomed life span of 25 years. In the night of primitive society, it seems that besides eating, it is sex to reproduce the next generation. Xin Jiujiu stroked the belly of the orc baby and narrowed his eyes comfortably. She was also worried that it would be difficult to coax the orc baby to sleep in the wooden bed, after all, he was used to sleeping in the tree, but the result was that she was worried too much, he was very obedient, even when he was kneaded in her arms, he fell asleep comfortably. The next day It was still dark, and Xin Jiujiu was used to being woken up by a brush-like tongue every morning. The spirit of the orc baby was very good, completely without the pitiful appearance when he cried last night. Xin Jiujiu’s spirit was also very good. After all,ultrasonic cutting machine, this was the first time he had slept steadily since he came to the land of Coles. Stop it ~ Licking all the way from the cheek to the neck, Xin Jiujiu lost his temper and struggled to sit up under the tender attack of the orc baby. He wouldn’t let her sleep late, from the beginning. Aren’t you a feline? Why are you so energetic? 。 fycgsonic.com


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