Power Master [End]

“Well, the war is over, and you are captured!”! Now, I’m going to kill all your women and wait for you to change your mind and fall in love with me! Amaterasu laughed, then turned and walked toward the line of defense. Su Guo can not help but be frightened, and then want to resume their actions, but in any case can not break the ban of Tianzhao. Suddenly Suguo became angry, but with anger alone, he was still unable to break the ban given by Amaterasu. Amaterasu, you come back, you come back! If you kill them, I will never forgive you! Suguo shouted anxiously, but got a faint response from Tianzhao, “It doesn’t matter, I know how to make you fall in love with me, but they have to die, I don’t want to share a man with so many women!”! Of course, I also know that they were written by you on the Garuda jade card, I have seen, so I had to kill them, directly throw away the reincarnation path! The undead and brutes of the next three roads must welcome the arrival of these beauties!!! Su Guo’s eyes suddenly turned red, the strength of the whole body was suddenly lifted by himself, and then mercilessly hit the ban set by Amaterasu. Autumn snow and others are simply their own lives, how can they let them die, and also into such a place!!! “Brother, we love you.” Suddenly,silk olive tree, from Su Guo’s heart suddenly jumped out of a smart voice, so that Su Guo could not help but be stunned, and then reacted to the enchanting voice, but it was found that the different abilities in space suddenly became stronger!!! Su Guo finally knew why enchanting said so! “This is your Shinto!” The voice of ink and wash also sounded faintly in the bottom of Suguo’s heart, and then Suguo suddenly roared, the strength of the whole body burst out at this moment, the body suddenly exploded, which made Tianzhao feel a strong shock! Because she didn’t understand that Sugo chose to blow herself up for her own woman?! But did Sue really blow herself up? Of course not, this is just a means,artificial cherry blossom trees for weddings, a means to break the ban on Amaterasu! Likewise, a means to retrieve the power of the Shinto!!! After the explosion, a piece of nothingness, the whole space is becoming particularly bright up, the golden light blowing the clouds all over the sky, and then from the void, light up a very dazzling point of light! Point of light is getting bigger and bigger, bigger and bigger, after flying in the air, suddenly become the appearance of Suguo! At this time, Su Guo is really dazzling, golden, and even the thorn of the sky can not even open their eyes! But Tianzhao knew what Suguo was doing at this time, and looked at Suguo with some shock, “You, you are restoring Shinto?!!!”! You’re restoring Shinto!!! Why, why, why is the power of your Shinto so strong!!! # # # Novel Reading Network www.paipaitxt.com welcomes the vast number of book friends to visit and read, artificial plant wall panels ,faux ficus tree, the latest, fastest and hottest serial works are all in the novel reading network! ### 465 Shinto [Finale] Suguo looked lightly at the sky below, did not answer her question, but slowly closed his eyes, the powerful energy around the naked eye suddenly became more powerful, and even let the surrounding space become a little trance and turbulence. Tianzhao gnashed his teeth at Suguo at this time, and then the figure suddenly shot away, toward the position of Suguo is a violent attack, but the effect is very small. At this time, all the power masters in the earth world suddenly felt that their whole body became extremely hot and dry, even very uncomfortable, as if something was going to fly out of their bodies, and became particularly unbearable. But only after a while, they found that the power they were proud of had suddenly disappeared! A lot of power division can not accept this fact, they are crazy to become overwhelmed, power has brought them too much glory, too much pride, too much dependence, but when their strength suddenly disappears, they find themselves weak even ordinary people can not match! So they are very unwilling, very desperate! But in spite of this, there is no way! After all, the power is given by the queen of powers, and she has nothing! And the biggest power division troops, I’m afraid it belongs to Suguo’s Heavenly Palace. At this time, all the members of the Heavenly Palace were very calm, because they were standing on the line of defense, knowing what had happened at this moment, except for some slight regret and reluctance, no one stood up against Suguo’s restoration of Shinto at this time! Ink and wash and other people are also very calm watching the strength of their bodies continue to disappear, and then look at each other, showing a comfortable smile. As long as there is Suguo, their own strength or not, it does not matter! Because of the loss of strength, they have less ability to protect their precious things, but at the same time, they still enjoy the protection of Suguo! That’s enough!!! Suguo’s whole body is suffused with golden light, stronger and stronger, brighter and brighter, as if to turn the whole world into golden general, the sky, green land, sea, white clouds, at the moment all have been hidden under this golden light, almost nothing can be seen, only the dazzling and powerful golden light enveloped the whole world! Suddenly, the golden light suddenly disappeared, without warning disappeared in the world, and then look at Suguo, Suguo’s whole body also returned to its original appearance, but behind him, it is stretching out a pair of black wings! On the forehead, there is a strange black sign! Amaterasu knew that Sugo was no longer the successor of the God of death, but a complete God of death, a God like himself!!! Suguo slowly opened his eyes,faux grass wall, and then stepped on the void step by step to the front of the sky, all the creatures close to Suguo, and then all of them were lost and withered by a powerful breath of death. It was as terrible as the dead silence wherever Suguo went. hacartificialtree.com


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