Pour out the world’s prosperity in troubled times by the ink left by the sea

Wo Nu has conquered QiXian county, the arrow on the string had to send. Well, since your son won’t let me go, we won’t be polite to you. Don’t forget, we Wo Nu pour the whole country eight hundred thousand troops, you Xiao Qingyu collect enough but just two hundred thousand garrison! It is not certain who will be the winner! The war had not yet started, but after the people of Daqing in the occupied area heard the news of the Gujiacheng Incident, a large-scale uprising broke out in an instant! Either break out in silence or perish in silence! When the long-suppressed anger and hatred are ignited by a fuse, the energy of the masses of the people makes all those in power look askance! In order to prevent the spread of the rebellion in a wider area, Wo Nu ordered the news of the Gujiacheng Incident to be blocked, and urgently dispatched two cavalry of three hundred thousand to suppress the popular revolt in the rebel area, in an attempt to extinguish the spark before it formed a prairie fire. But facts have proved that all efforts are in vain. People do not fear death, how to fear death! After all, Daqing has a large population and vast territory, while Wo Nu’s territory is barren and sparsely populated, and the whole country is attacking Daqing,smart whiteboard price, which is not acclimatized. If we do not take advantage of the geographical position, we will have no people. If the battle line is too long, we will be able to take care of the beginning but not the end. And the northwest eight army eyeing covetously, I don’t know what will come up to bite hard, let the Japanese slave heart times the pressure! When the eight armies were about to rush to the front to help Gu Jiacheng, an unexpected battle broke out. At this time,facial recognition thermometer, Xiongnye declared war on the Eight Armies on the grounds of “avenging his father and wiping out the national humiliation”! At the same time, as if to discuss the same, Tianyi in the name of the Hungarian allies to attack the city of eight directions! The generals of Bafangcheng shouted abuse at the top of their mouths: “Take advantage of the situation to rob people. Are you still talking about the rules?!”! Fang Xiaohou sneers: “If all things are disciplined and reasonable, what is the use of the army?”? Stand up heavily! Fang Xiaohou burst out a murderous word from between his teeth: “Fight!”! The flames of war are everywhere, and the flames of war are rolling! The eight armies were surrounded by the allied forces of the two countries, and Fang Jungan was completely unable to get away. In contrast, Xiao Qingyu’s opponent is still lightweight. Bafangcheng, however, transferred fifty thousand light cavalry rushed to Gu Jiacheng to support Xiao Qingyu. Because Xiao Qingyu marched fast, the infantry could not keep up with such a high-intensity March, and only the light cavalry with less baggage and faster speed could catch up with Xiao Qingyu. In fact, this is the last force that Fang Jungan can draw out. The voice of opposition from the court of Xiongno is endless, face recognition identification kiosk ,digital signage kiosk, and we have no friendship with Wo Nu, why do we want to Wade into this muddy water? Murong LiSenRan one, how can let the peerless double pride converge? It’s a godsend that they’re separated now. What is Wo Nu? A cat in a tree is still a cat! What we want to kill is Xiao Qingyu and Fang Jungan, the peerless double pride! Tianzhao Palace. The minister was puzzled. Why did Fang Jungan and Xiao Qingyu deal with Fang Jungan first? The emperor replied that we were not going to kill Fang Jungan, but to hold him back so that he could not spare his hands to help Xiao Qingyu. Think of Fang Jungan’s youth, his vigor, the depth behind his clear eyes, and the untamed behind his faint smile. These feelings make him very uncomfortable. Courtier frightened, is the emperor really want to kill is childe matchless?! That’s right! The emperor turned around. Huns two hundred thousand troops and I have a detour from the waterway straight to Gu Jiacheng, to take advantage of Xiao Qingyu’s foothold is not steady to catch him by surprise. Tianyi Huns will join hands with Wo Nu to strangle the matchless childe who moved the world! The tea is cold and the night is deep. The lights in Childe’s matchless tent are still the same. Xiao Qingyu is sitting at the table. A peerless sword with smooth lines was placed on the table, several marching maps were laid in front of it, and the spy reports from various places were carefully classified and stacked. The light evening breeze blew into the tent and turned the pages of the scriptures on the table. Killing and mercy. Blood and redemption. Obviously contradictory things become harmonious and perfect because of the existence of the man in white. Xiao Qingyu eyes have light sorrow, black as midnight eyes looking at the door curtain, outside the tent is a river, sparkling in this gentle night. The night guard carried torches and patrolled back and forth. It added to the silence of the night. Childe, you should have a rest. Uncle Lao beside him couldn’t help feeling distressed. Looked at the man in white, but only five days after taking over the military forces, the coldness of every move has shocked the top master who killed countless people! Even though he was immersed in the Golden Sutra every day, he was still infected with killing silently. Gentle as jade childe matchless, can not give up all the people in the world, then only give up their own. “Uncle Lao, how long have you been with me?” The matchless childe suddenly asked softly. Uncle Lao replied respectfully, “The old slave has been serving you since you were ten years old. It’s been thirteen years now.” “Thirteen years.” Xiao Qingyu did not know what was on his mind. His dark eyes were hidden in the shadow of his hairline. Thousands of ice, “You have been sent to Xiao by Your Majesty for thirteen years.” “Childe!”! — — “Get down on the ground with a splash!”! Uncle Lao’s wooden expression quickly turned pale. Isn’t that right? The first master of the former Great Interior, the four guards with swords in front of the emperor-Lao, Nuo and Lei. “Gong, Childe-” Lao Shu flustered explanation, “although the old slave is sent by the emperor to protect the childe, but since following the childe, the old slave and the emperor there out of the relationship. Childe Mingjian, the old slave has never betrayed the childe for so many years! Xiao Qingyu smiled, and his cold eyes were hidden in the dark: “If you had betrayed Xiao, you would not be able to stand in front of me and talk to me now.” Uncle Lao was dripping with cold sweat. Since you didn’t tip off when you were escorting the little Marquis to flee thousands of miles away, that’s enough to prove your loyalty to Xiao. Today, I say this to you because I see that you are restless recently, probably wondering whether Xiao Mou knows your origin. Xiao doesn’t want you to have a grudge. After saying this, Xiao Qingyu seemed a little tired. Wave: “The word has come to this point,touch screen kiosk, you step down.” Uncle Lao looked up and stared at the weak and stoic man in front of him. He said sincerely, “You are the most respected person in the old slave’s life. You will always be.” “Childe, rest early and take care of yourself.” Uncle Lao withdrew from the tent. How can you rest. hsdtouch.com


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