Notes on the Survival of Emperors and Empresses in the Sixties

Yan Dongqing’s voice was colder than Fu Ran’s. “No, I order you to die now.” “……” Okay, there’s no sound at all. Fu Ran said worriedly, “Third Brother, the national teacher is not really going to die, is he?” Yan Dongqing tugged at his mouth and hummed, “Don’t worry. He won’t kill anyone.” As he spoke, Yan Dongqing bent down and shouted at the mouth of the well, “I’m going back to destroy his nine clans.” The voice just fell, a frightened voice came from the other end of the well: “Your Majesty, I am wrong, can you give me a chance to make up for it?” “Say.” “Your Majesty..”. How many years did you spend there with the empress? ?” Yan Dongqing was silent for a moment and then said, “Three years.” “I’ve only been here for three days,” the national teacher exulted. Yan Dongqing: “..” Fu Ran: “..” Hearing what the national teacher said, Fu Ranyue understood why the time outside passed so fast, and the sun was always shining in her bedroom, only last year’s Lantern Festival saw a dark night. Your Majesty, get out of the way with the empress. The national teacher shouted at the other end. Two people conditioned reflex back a few steps, the next second, Fu ran just hit the past brick was thrown back by the national teacher, hanging in the air,smart interactive whiteboard, was Yan Dongqing eye disease hand quickly caught, discarded aside. Realizing what was going on, Fu ran was so excited that he wanted to jump down immediately. At this time, the voice of the national teacher came faintly: “The great cause has not been accomplished, and the world is waiting for peace. What are you and the emperor doing when you come back?”? You came back with the emperor and occupied someone else’s body in vain. How can you return it? Fu Ran’s footsteps stopped and he said angrily, “We agreed to go to see your Daxi. Where is Daxi?”? You’re a liar! Shouldn’t the emperor punish you for deceiving the emperor?! “Oh, don’t be annoyed.” “First of all,” said the national teacher,interactive flat panel display, “who are you now?” “Big Hair.” “..” The national teacher felt weak in his heart, and his mouth was busy appeasing him: “Don’t worry, don’t worry, the big hair has been seen, can the big learning be far away?” Fu Ran also said that he was stopped by Yan Dongqing’s eyes, and he had to calm down: “How long will it take?” The voice at the other end of the well hesitated. Forty years ? Fifty years? Without saying anything, Yan Dongqing grabbed the brick and smashed it down. Ah! Accompanied by a scream, poor national teacher, pouting buttocks lying on the well to talk, a face was smashed. The author has something to say: I wrote half of the article last night, and I deleted it again, because I asked a gay friend who wrote the same article. She said that the man and woman in the article were minors and would be reported, which was an illegal act. The girls also knew that the control of the online article was getting stricter and stricter. Although I wrote the age article, it was really harsh, and I couldn’t run away, interactive whiteboard for schools ,digital interactive whiteboard, so.. Still afraid to write. Wait until they’re older, so I can write with less guilt. Sorry, bow ~ Send 200 red envelopes today to appease the girls. I’m really sorry. I dare not. I’m afraid of trouble. PS: Thank you for the landmine, Mada ~ Dandelion’s roll threw a mine throw time: 2017-09-13 21:06:39 The water color pitifully threw a mine throwing time: 2017-09-13 21:22:51 Bing Bing. 1 mine thrown Time: 2017-09-13 23:18:56 Chuchu threw a mine throwing time: 2017-09-13 23:53:39 saya. Throw it away 1 mine thrown time: 2017-09-14 03:09:20 Chapter 51 the first watch of number 14. Yan Dongqing this brick down, only to hear the other end of the “ah” a wail, very tragic. Fu Ran was so frightened that he covered his face tightly and said in a low voice, “Third Brother, what if the national teacher is killed?” Yan Dongqing snorted and raised his voice, “It’s good to die. If you die, drag it to feed the dog.” As his voice fell, a faint voice came from the well: “Don’t..”. For the sake of looking for you for a few days without eating or drinking Spare me this dog’s life. ” Fu Ran immediately grabbed him and said, “Didn’t you say it was only three days?” Uh.. The national teacher wiped his nosebleed and said weakly, “Yes, Empress, you have a good memory..”. Here’s the thing The residents near the well reported to the government that there was a ghost, saying that they heard someone talking. I happened to pass by and sat at the mouth of the well for almost a day. Finally, I heard the voice of you and the emperor. That is to say, they spent the first two days in a leisurely way and had no time to take care of them. With his hands behind his back, Yan Dongqing stood by the well and asked, “Where did you go to be happy before?” National teacher is a mouth no door, blurted out and debut: “Nancheng opened a new home Goulan courtyard, I sacrifice myself first, the past trip hey hey hey..” “Third Brother,” said Fu Ran curiously, “where is Goulan Courtyard?” Yan Dongqing covered her ears and said, “Don’t listen to him. This man can’t spit ivory out of a dog’s mouth.” Fu ran frowned and murmured in her heart that she had only seen the national teacher a few times before. At that time, she saw that this man had a comely face, a beautiful beard and red lips, and was quite immortal. How could he speak and act like a smelly rogue? They stayed in the bedroom for a long time, and when they came out again, it was already dark outside the window, and the room was dark, only to hear the rustling of footsteps outside. Fu ran looked at the time, and it was already more than five o’clock in the evening. It’s over. What do you want to say? She asked in a low voice. Yan Dongqing gave her reassuring eyes and opened the door to go out first. Outside, Yan Liben and the three of them all came back from work, and when they saw Yan Dongqing open the door, they were startled. Then look at Fu Ran, who came out later, standing beside Yan Dongqing like a daughter-in-law, shyly embarrassed to look at people. Yan Liben opened his mouth and said, “You two have been sleeping in the room all day..” With that, the old man blushed first. Look what he said! As a father-in-law, how could he say such a thing in front of his daughter-in-law! Liao Juan threw him a supercilious look, also not very embarrassed, beckoning: “That what, come over to have a meal quickly, have a meal.” The steamed buns were distributed to each person one by one. When they were given to Fu Ran,75 inch smart board, Liao Juan said euphemistically, “Sleep less during the day, or you won’t be able to sleep at night!” Fu ran blushed and obeyed.


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