Since you are reading this article right now, it is pretty safe to assume that you are looking for some ways to get extra money each week or each Extra Cash Each Month month, right? It’s kind of strange that when we are running out of money, we start looking at where every single penny is going to. We start looking at what we are buying and using and how we can lower our costs.

While analyzing all of your usage and costs, you could find ways to actually make money. That is, if you recognize it when you see it. One of those ways is by recycling aluminum cans. If you drink soda from aluminum cans, then you have probably already though of ways to cut down on your consumption. However, the cans that you still use can be recycled for some great extra cash. Stop and think about it; people drink so much soda every single day, that there are bound to be millions of cans each day in trash, right?

Now just think how much money you could make if you could get your hands on a portion of those cans. So all you have to do first is to start saving every aluminum can that you use. You can even crush them so they don’t take up as much space. Then you can even get your friends and family involved. They can bring you their aluminum cans when they have gathered up a few. It may sound strange, but many people would rather give you their aluminum cans than go through the hassle of saving them, even though they could make money.

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