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Widno sneer in the heart if on the creation of unjust and false cases who can compare with their own empire Francis you are dead there are a lot of civilians outside they also asked for a public trial very good very good! I will ruin your reputation in front of everyone and sentence you to death on the spot! Humph civilians Ignorant pronoun they are too easily deceived to deal with this situation their own experience is too abundant! Francis wait and see it won’t be long before these plebs out there who see you as the voice of virtue will do a complete about-face and shout at you for your hypocrisy and evil! At that moment two Verne guards entered the courtroom “Your Majesty’s command Lord Widnor your Majesty asks you to explain everything that is happening now and your Majesty agrees to the request of Father Ferdinand and orders you to try Francis under the statue of the ancestor of St Bowen!”! Your Majesty and the Godfather will hear! In the face of the royal guards who came to deliver the decree Widno and all the big shots present stood up After listening to the content of the oral order Widno said with a smile “Please rest assured that I will give you a satisfactory answer!” The royal guards of Verne one of the three great soldiers of Lanyon quickly blocked St Bowen Square and the three princes who were training soldiers outside the city were urgently ordered to be transferred back to the imperial capital and were Home & Garden ordered to lead the royal Qinbing to blockade the central imperial area of St John’s city When the big shots of the imperial capital who came in a hurry to get the news saw the situation in front of them all of them with a keen sense of politics trembled in their hearts I’m afraid there will be a result of the chaos in Lanyon’s political arena today! Widno presided over the trial in front of the gate of the Palace of Verne His Majesty Balgner and the Godfather Ferdinand sat high on the gate tower of the Palace of Verne while the civilians gathered around the newly built interrogation platform in St Bowen Square Of course there was a blockade between the interrogation platform and the civilians by the Royal Guard Balgner scratched his head It was not regal but he couldn’t help it! Chapter 163 Trial (3) If you have something to do in the evening you may not be able to update it The two chapters are listed together …… Unfortunately the secrecy of the royal family’s internal banquet was so perfect that Widnor did not know at all even none of the big people present knew-except Balgner and others who participated in the banquet! It can be imagined that an emperor who took into account his reputation and claimed to be a sage-king must have done it in absolute secrecy when he set a trap for an ambush master and prepared to deal with a meritorious official! Even Ferdinand’s godfather only knew that Una had brought Du Chen into the palace in a carriage but he didn’t know what happened after that! In addition to scratching his head Balgner did not show too many expressions but quietly watched Widno’s performance but he knew in his heart that the Minister of Etiquette and Law was an absolute master in making unjust false and wrong cases If making unjust false and wrong cases was also divided into the level of fighting gods he was at least a level 9 fighting God or even the legendary level 10 fighting God! Because he has used his almost perfect “manufacturing” ability to get rid of many eyesores so from a legal point of view it is absolutely impossible to pick out the flaws of Widnor-after all many of the current laws are made by Widnor himself! But everything changed because of the extremely secret royal banquet Balgner’s heart has already had the feeling of collapse China Factory should he cry or laugh The king himself has become the most powerful witness to prove Francis’s innocence Oh it’s really interesting! But his excellent courtiers are going to today Widno glanced proudly at Du Chen who had been escorted by the soldiers under the judgment platform and said in a loud voice “Your Majesty” My lords and all who are here! His eloquent and seductive language like an orator reached everyone’s ears with the help of fighting spirit “To accuse a person of committing a crime the most important thing is the following points the time place motive and the most important one-evidence!” He motioned to several clerks to come to the stage to assist him and pointed to Du Chen with a sense of justice “Now I will prove one by one that Francis is definitely the murderer of this noble murder” Then send him to the stake and get the punishment he deserves! Amid the boos of civilians He waved his Health & Medical hand angrily as if he was really enraged by Du Chen’s atrocities With the crown of the scales embroidered on his head he stared at Du Chen and shouted Francis! The Duke who was killed last night was called Aino! On October 7 of last year Lord Aino clashed with two civilians in the North Trade Zone of the city and you ordered Ariza to beat him! Afterwards Lord Aino brought people to seek revenge for you and had a fierce conflict with you! So you two are enemies and that’s Do you admit it Before Du Chen could speak An old man among the civilians shouted “No it wasn’t a conflict It was Aino who wanted to rob my daughter Lord Francis saved our father and daughter!”! I’m willing to testify even if I’m convicted of bumping into a nobleman afterwards! Thank you old man! You have proved that there is hatred between Francis and Aino! Widnor smiled happily! Don’t talk nonsense That’s not what I meant I meant to say Before the old man had finished speaking he was “politely” invited aside by two guards Thank you again The old man who is not afraid of power your words are so valuable that they will be an important witness to Francis’s crime! Widno proudly said that this is one of his famous tricks “out of context”! All the civilians booed everyone understood what the old man had just said or should be said that only Widno would understand Widno continued to speak proudly as if the civilians booed like cheering for him this is also his unique skill of “pretending to be deaf and dumb”! Do you admit what the old man said just now Francis if you deny it I will convict the old man of insulting the nobility and I will sentence him to death! Another famous trick “who lives and who dies” In fact Widno doesn’t care whether Du Chen will admit it or not If Du Chen denies it the old man will die In this way Du Chen’s reputation will be hit hard But if Du Chen admits it then trade-global.com


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