Lord Mingfu has no moral integrity.

Still dressed in a white robe he saw me and looked around It was a little strange “Did Miss Gu see Lord Lu” Well before there were not so many people looking for Lu Yanchen how did he just become a woman and you all came to the door one by one Talk about 520 free novel reading _ wwwshuoshuo520com Chapter 196 identified the murderer I play a good wife’s essence help Lu Yanchen hide the past “he is busy these days just helped me to chase the murderer you come back to him in a few days” Well must pass a few days otherwise see Lu Yanchen now long hair flutters chest big buttocks warped appearance how to be good Xie Bian also did not know whether to thank me for really helping Lu Yanchen this time without the past Gu girl how you should be earnest but nodded to me “in that case” Then Bian will go back first “If Lord Lu comes back Miss Gu will remember to tell Lord Lu that the emperor will go back to Hades in ten days and then he must rush back so as not to be exploited by the villains” With that the white light flashed and disappeared in my room I don’t know if I’m going to do something again But this Xie Bian said the emperor will be the Dongyue Emperor Such a big God had already been in the immortal class and Transportation he did not know what he was going to do when he suddenly went to the underworld to inspect I was afraid that I had forgotten about it so I took out my cell phone and wrote it down otherwise Lu Yanchen would not have gone back and he would have been cheated which would not be fun As soon as I finished writing there was a flash of gray shadow in front of my eyes and suddenly there was a hairy and cool little thing in my arms Look to the bosom again this whole body is sending trembling a pair of aggrieved Baba appearance of little pitiful is not exactly bald ash I touched its scalp with pity feeling a little prickly just like touching the stubble and the little ash was shaking I look carefully in fact can see its flesh-colored scalp has a small piece of black fluff should be Lu Yanchen cut off the root of the hair the incision is neat in fact is equivalent to a shave A bald head that is not very clean I lifted it up with its two little paws and felt that it looked like it had the Mediterranean Sea It was so ugly Small ash good grievance seems to be a little face-saving two ears up wrap the bald part not to let me see mouth also opened a few times seems to want to say something to me Without the translation I naturally don’t understand it very well but look at its expression of grief and indignation it is obvious that it is speaking ill of Lu Yanchen I see Lu Yanchen has not come back but also to help it say “Hey slag ghost is really too much you are also who told him to be in a bad mood you dare to stroll in front of him” These hairs should be fast It grows out Ugly is a little ugly but As I spoke I had a brainwave I went to the wardrobe to find a Little Red Riding Hood I bought a long time ago It was just right to cover it I said happily “It’s OK to cover it China Suppliers ” Fortunately Bald Grey has two hairy and big ears otherwise the hat would have to cover his eyes Small ash is still very worried unexpectedly or a smug even floating in front of my mirror has been looking but also turned around a few times this is happy to throw into my arms This time he stuck out his tongue and licked the back of my hand which felt cold as if he had been licked by his pet But then I was going to play with him and I didn’t know what he felt and suddenly all his hair exploded and he slipped away with a whoosh Because it went through the wall and Little Red Riding Hood was knocked to the ground by the wall When I looked up I realized that Lord Lu a beautiful woman had come back Bald ash was timid as a mouse now so frightened it is estimated that these months to see Lu Yanchen have to have a psychological shadow Lu Yanchen looked at the wall it had crossed and raised his eyebrows “Thanks to its courage it can live to the present” “I was scared by you” I picked up Little Red Riding Hood and patted it and replied But Lu Yanchen didn’t have the idea of bickering with me He sat down and said wearily “I should recover the day after tomorrow I’ll go to the desert in the northwest immediately If it’s too late I’m afraid of ghosts” The other side of the door will do something ” Remembering that he had just gone after the man who Construction & Real Estate wanted to murder me I asked “Has the man been found” After all murderers are hidden dangers If I can’t find them how dangerous I will be Lu Yanchen nodded and sneered “Take me to swim around and finally go to the room next to us and you know this person” I know I looked so confused that I couldn’t think of anyone I knew who had such a deep hatred for me and could collude with Su Muxi Lu Yanchen may think I am too stupid pull me over give me a chestnut head-on “is Liang Fan your ex-boyfriend!”! He threw an iron ball at you! I was blown up on the spot by his words I met Liang Fan at the banquet before and he also cared about me a few words Although he followed me at that time I always thought that he might be controlled or threatened by the ghost gate Trying to murder me My heart is cool at least we are ex-boyfriend and girlfriend but I can’t imagine that the breakup at that time is not the end we have another beginning My expression of fear and loneliness may represent sadness in Lu Yanchen’s eyes He suddenly turned my body and bit me hard on my neck as if he wanted to eat it Like me I said coldly “Don’t think about other men in front of me” It was Chiguoguo’s warning The ghost liked to bite me and threaten me at every turn I wrinkled my face into dried cabbage and nodded sadly Also said what revenge Lu Yanchen changed the woman is not said to bite me to bite me I touched my neck and kept rubbing it He also saw that I wanted to cry without tears Then he took my hand and touched my neck gently “Did it hurt you” “You’re a vampire who bites people at every turn!” I was so angry that I stopped him Come to think of it he did not expect me to dare to lose my temper First he was stunned Then he gently stroked the place where I was bitten and said “I didn’t even exert myself I didn’t even turn red” Look what’s a scumbag If you don’t bite and bleed others will ignore you I was so angry that I wanted to stay away from him but before I could stand up I was pulled by him my leg hit the edge of the bed and my whole body fell on him trade-global.com


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