King Curse Lock Face: It’s Hard to Spoil the Princess

“Oh?”? Really? Then I’d like to wait and see how you turn over as a prisoner? He looked at him coldly, and his eyes were full of provocation. Your Majesty and the two princesses meet again after a long separation. They must have a lot to say. I specially prepared a room opposite for you. How about it? Is it very considerate? His evil smile with a chill, Saint Yin slowly closed his eyes, no longer struggling, he knew that the more painful he showed, the more he would torture him, simply no longer escape, wait for the jailer to open the door, he calmly went in. “Put the other one in another cell and separate them.” Seeing him go in obediently, Shengrui ordered in a cold voice that Yang Yue was then detained in a cell in another Yongdao, far away from here. With the sound of the iron door closing, the only light in the room was cut off, leaving only a dark, boundless darkness. Chapter 196 Saint Yin felt as if he were at the bottom of the cold sea, his whole body was paralyzed by the cold, without any consciousness, the wound was no longer painful, the only pain was the emptiness of his heart, he felt suffocated,Pietra Gray Marble, and what sounded in his ears was the sorrow of the woman who had been under Cheng Huan. Wang Ye, don’t you have any feelings for your concubines after more than ten years? “After all, you came back for that woman, so what are we?” He closed his eyes coldly and did not reply. Through the iron gate, their voices seemed to come from a distant place, approaching and ethereal. This is undoubtedly a kind of suffering. The emperor set it up. There was a long noise outside, and Luo did not get up to greet her as before. She sat coldly on the edge of the bed,Stone Honeycomb Panel, holding the already cold tea in her hand, and forgot to put it down. Miss, the emperor is here. Green Qi whispered to remind her, took the cup in her hand, to help her get up, Luo gently pushed her away, “no need to salute, I am no longer his concubine.” “Why do you say angry words, Miss?” Green Qi gently advised, without patience to let go of her, standing aside. The emperor’s figure has already stepped on the temple, in front of this scene, he has been psychologically prepared, eyes emerged bitter at the same time, white marble mosaic ,Marble Projects, but also do not forget to smile, gently embrace her into his arms, “are you still angry with me?”? Don’t worry, I won’t. Luo shook his head with a wry smile and interrupted him. “I won’t kill him. It’s just plunder. Oh no, it’s exchange.” She pushed him away, and his bitter eyes pierced his heart. Saint Rui staggered two steps and stood still. “It’s not like that. I never wanted to trade you.” “But you lied to him, and you lied to me. Do you have to use such despicable means to win the country and victory?” Her accusation left him speechless. The four words “never tired of cheating” did not seem to be convincing in front of a woman, at least he did not think so. He saw only resentment and hatred in her eyes, and nothing else. Stand down, all of you. He retired from the palace in a cold voice. Green Qi led the others to bow down and looked at the young lady worriedly, hoping that she would stop being stubborn, and that sometimes turning a blind eye might make her feel better. But she saw only a certain coldness in her eyes, determined and irretrievable. She helped them close the door and stood outside silently watching the dark sky. There was no moon tonight. The glazed palace lanterns in the hands of the palace people around her illuminated her plain dress and thin figure. She looked up at the sky with such a desolate expression. Alas. Our family has lived for so many years, but we have never seen a relationship as complicated and difficult as that between the emperor and your young lady. Even in those years, the late emperor was just so so to Empress Yan. In the end, those who should be given death should be given as well. “Wang Chang sighed with emotion. He also withdrew and stood side by side with her, sighing deeply.”. Green Qi smiled and said, “Does the father-in-law mean that a king shouldn’t have such love?”? That’s too unfair and too cold-blooded. “His words made her laugh. Shouldn’t a king have feelings?”? Should women be the victims of politics? “Have you ever heard of sacrificing the ego to achieve the ego? The death of a concubine in the harem can sometimes save countless common people. What is the value of a king?”? Is not to let the people’s life more and more rich and powerful? If you miss the country just for the sake of love, you will be abused by the world. “Even if that were true, it would be sad to be the daughter of the emperor.” She still couldn’t figure it out. If so, she would rather be an ordinary man’s wife, so at least she wouldn’t be so tired of love. There are some things you don’t understand. Our family has lived for most of our lives, and we are used to seeing the love and hatred in the world. Any generation of emperors will not be as infatuated with your young lady as the emperor is today. They can give up everything for her. Green Qi looked back at him, some of his old body slightly bowed, as a slave for half a lifetime, the body board seems to have been unable to straighten up, is always a respectful look, “that like Wang Ye abandoned the two princesses, and then achieved the country of Gusu, so that it will be respected by the world?” Wang Chang lowered his head and said with a smile, “Future generations will not remember how many women he abandoned to achieve this career. They will only remember how perfect his plan was when he laid down the country, and how careful and foolproof his troops were.” “Then if the emperor really exchanged the young lady for the territory of the Jurchen Kingdom this time, will the people of the Holy Dynasty praise the emperor’s shrewdness, achievements for thousands of generations, and moisten future generations?”? Then my young lady is too pitiful to be traded as a commodity. “There is nothing to be pitied. As a woman of the emperor, she should always be ready to sacrifice for the country.” His eyes were far away, watching the dust and clouds in the sky drift away with the wind. The night of the palace seems to be too dark, a little longer, that point can not melt the thick black people feel depressed, can not help but look forward to, when can we see the moon through the dark clouds? The wound on his body had obviously been bandaged, and it smelled of cool ointment. He kept forcing himself, but he couldn’t bear it. Luo looked at his wound secretly. He moved freely,Grey Marble Slab, as if it was all right, but his face was still weak and haggard. He sat down beside her and put his arm around her shoulders. “How can I trade you for it?”? Even if I don’t do this emperor, I won’t give you up. 。


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