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Xiao Jiaoer ignored them and hurriedly displayed his flying skills. He jumped from one tree to another and fled to the mouth of the canyon. The woman grinned and said, “My adopted son, little monk, why did you run away before you kowtowed to my godmother?” As she spoke, her figure flashed like a meteor flying arrow, and she appeared in front of the little dragon. She smiled like a flower branch shaking. “Don’t run away, god-son, and kowtow to me quickly!” Little Jiaoer thought that after learning the flying skill, he could run away. Unexpectedly, the woman who spoke in a loud voice was faster than him in flying skill, and her actions were even more silent. Xiao Jiaoer was so frightened that he turned his head and ran away without asking the direction. When the woman saw that Xiao Jiaoer was so funny, she laughed so hard that she threw back her head and said, “Oh!”! My godson, why are you still running? “She appeared in front of Xiaojiaoer again, almost like a flying soul, blocking his way.”. Xiao Jiaoer jumped down from the tree and was about to say something when he found her in front of him, still smiling. Little Jiao suspected that she was not a human being, but a real devil in the Devil Gorge. “Are you the devil?” She asked. The woman laughed even more: “Yes!”! I’m the devil. ! You run ! Why don’t you run away? Little Jiao was discouraged. Knowing that he could not get out of the devilish woman’s hands, he opened his eyes wide and asked, “What do you want?” “You recognize me as a godmother!” “If you don’t let me out, why do I recognize you?” While the woman was playing tricks on Xiao Jiaoer,Inflatable water obstacle course, the man in black had been watching coldly. He thought that Xiao Jiaoer’s flying skills were so good that he must know martial arts and fight with women. He wanted to see from Xiao Jiaoer’s moves that the little monk was a disciple of any school. But Xiao Jiao doesn’t seem to know any martial arts except running. At this moment, he is impatient, say: “Cloud Xia, dismiss him quickly, do not tease him again.” “No!”! This little monk is very interesting. ! I’m a little reluctant to kill him. !” “Yunxia, don’t fool around. It’s no good for the religious leader to know about this.” It turned out that the two first-class masters of the Devil Gorge were also members of the mysterious organization. They did not know what mission they had taken. They lurked down in the Devil Gorge without being discovered. It’s a pity that they didn’t know that Xiaojiao was the son of Huang Yufeng, the head of Huguang Hall. If they knew,inflatable amusement park, they wouldn’t have attacked Xiaojiao. Of course, they wouldn’t have let Xiaojiao go out, so as not to reveal them. At most, they would send someone to send Xiaojiao back to Qiaoyasha. The woman sighed, “It’s a pity that the young monk died at such a young age.” “Yunxia, if you don’t do it, I will!” “All right,” the woman said to Xiao Jiao, “who told you not to go anywhere, but to come to the Devil’s Gorge. Godson, accept your fate! The woman was about to make a move when suddenly an old monk appeared in the sky, standing in front of Xiao Jiaoer. The man came quietly, and there was no movement beforehand. He said he would come, and he did not let Wu Peng and Yunxia find out. This flying skill alone had surprised Wu Peng and Yunxia. “Who are you?” The woman asked in surprise. Little Jiaoer was even more surprised: “Master!”! Why did you come in? The bearer is Sanbuyi Xu Xianxian. When Xiao Jiaoer entered the Devil Gorge soon, he quietly followed Xiao Jiaoer and kept quiet all the time. Not only in the dark to protect the small Jiao son, Inflatable 5k obstacle ,large inflatable water slide, also want to see the devil gorge these two martial arts masters are that faction of characters, why not let people break into the devil gorge? Now she saw that the noisy woman was going to attack Xiao Jiao’er. A flash of face appeared and startled the woman. “Amitabha, benefactress,” said Immortal Xu Heshi, “the young disciple has strayed into the treasure land. For the sake of the monks, please forgive me. I will accompany you to the benefactress.” The man in black asked, “Where did you come from?” “I’m here with my little disciples, like idle clouds and wild cranes, and I’m at home everywhere. I’m just collecting herbs here by the way. I have no other intention.” “So you’re wandering monks,” said the woman with a smile. “Just now I was just joking with the young monk. Don’t take it amiss, old monk.” “I dare not, I dare not. How dare I blame the female benefactor?” Xu immortal words did not finish, the woman had already shot, a dark strength, “hissing” two, shooting Xu immortal body two points. This is the technique of pressing acupoints in the air in Wulin. Without deep inner strength, it is simply impossible to resist. The woman thought about it and turned Xu Shenxian to the ground, and then slowly disposed of Xiao Jiao’er. Who would have thought that Xu Shenxian had been on guard for a long time and saw the True Qi protecting her body. The woman’s sharp fingers touched Xu Shenxian’s body, as if they had touched an invisible wall, which was dissolved cleanly and disappeared without a trace. Immortal Xu could not imagine that the woman would kill her ferociously. She frowned slightly and said, “Almsgiver, aren’t you too ferocious?” The woman was shocked when she saw that she could not beat the immortal Xu, but she still said with a smile, “Old monk, your martial arts are pretty good. I’ll come and learn from you again.” As he spoke, his figure suddenly rose. In a flash of lightning, he had already deceived himself, and as soon as he made a move, he sealed several important points on the body of the immortal Xu. If other ordinary masters, it is simply impossible to dodge. Xu immortal saw, also can not help but feel awe-inspiring heart. The woman’s lightning-like move turned out to be a rare martial art move in the stars of Qinghai in the Central Plains, called “Broken Bone Claw”. If a person is caught in any part of his body, his flesh will be rotten and his bones will be broken. If he is caught in a vital part, he will die immediately. The martial arts of the Xingxiu School in Qinghai were originally created by the old man Tiansheng, a strange man in the martial arts world. Tiansheng old man is the first master in the evil sect. His martial arts are strange and his moves are vicious. He almost decides life and death as soon as he makes a move. Tiansheng combines the best martial arts of Tibet, India and the Central Plains into one. It can really be said that his moves are unpredictable. He often acts from unexpected places, which is not only difficult to cope with, but also impossible to dodge. By the time you know it, it’s already under his paw or palm. Tiansheng old man is moody all his life, regardless of right and wrong, likes and dislikes. He often kills people for no reason, and often saves people for no reason. In spite of this, the old man Tiansheng did not have the ambition to dominate the martial arts world, so he did not step into the Central Plains. Generally speaking, if you don’t provoke him, he won’t provoke you. Later,Jumping castle with slide, a small part of his martial arts was acquired by Liu Changqing, a knight-errant whose temperament changed greatly, and he became the nine old monsters feared by all the sects (see my book The Legend of Shenzhou). joyshineinflatables.com


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