I gave birth to five big brothers to fight in the palace for me.

At present, it is not time for her to leave the palace. All right, go get ready and send it to Yuqing Palace. As for Jingchun and Xiao Li, you don’t have to worry. Before they set out, I gave them a sachet. This sachet will save their lives. Jing Chun and Xiao Li are the people her mother prepared for her, and she doesn’t want them to lose their lives. But for the effect of lifelike, until this time, the two people can not know, plan this fake death, otherwise afraid of a mistake, let the prince found a flaw, come back to her accounts. Han Fei is not afraid of the prince to come back to look for trouble, but she is pregnant now, do not have so much energy, after all, with the prince, but also to spend time is not. Master, this sachet? When was this sachet prepared? This thing, even Jingcui has no image, you can imagine how hidden this thing is. Of course, it’s for your royal Highness and big Gege. It’s impossible to get away with it after so many times. But it’s not a bad thing. It’s a little interest. This was originally Han Fei from the heirloom bracelet to take, the lightest degree of itching prescription, is used when the tune, love. If Shi Panfu could not afford to be greedy, it would be nothing if he did not have a relationship with the prince, but once he had a relationship,fake ficus tree, the taste would be very sour. Han Fei did not know that Kangxi had used severe medicine on Shi Panfu, which hurt her body and made it difficult for her to get pregnant. She did not use other drugs on Shi Panfu, but for the sake of her adoptive mother, she was only given a small punishment and a big warning. Otherwise, her punishment would not be so easy. Jing Cui is the first time to see their master’s eyes sparkling appearance, that pair of Mou son, as if it will seduce the soul in general, at this time bright burning. Imperial Palace Chenggan Palace At night, Kangxi slept in the Hall of Mental Cultivation,artificial grass panels, and Liang Jiugong looked at Long Live and looked at the memorial absentmindedly. Holding in her hand was the sachet of peace that the empress had given to Long Live Master the night before. It was clear from the bottom of her heart that Long Live Master probably missed the empress, but Long Live Master had returned to the palace after all. If he did not enter the harem, the empresses in the harem would be somewhat suspicious. Just as Liang An, the eunuch in charge of Jingshi Room, came in to turn over the sign, Liang Jiugong just wanted to speak, Kangxi waved his hand, “I’m tired tonight. I’m resting in the Hall of Mental Cultivation.” “But long live, you haven’t been in the harem for almost two months. Why don’t you turn over a sign of the empress tonight?” This is not, almost have the empress suspect that there is a problem in the aspect of the longevity master, are looking for the doctor to ask the longevity master’s physical condition. When I think of Long Live Master, he is so strong in that respect, but now he is suspected that he is not good in that respect. If Long Live Master knows, I am afraid he will be angry and vomit blood. Liang An did not know that there was a Han Fei outside the palace, but he was sensitive and sensitive to discover that since the last time Xuan Mi promised Wang to go to the Palace of Heavenly Purity, Long Live Ye did not like to turn over the signs of the empresses. It seemed that Long Live Master had changed, but he didn’t find the reason for the change for a while, but now he was more careful in speaking and doing things. He was afraid that Long Live Master would be unhappy, outdoor ficus tree ,faux ficus tree, so he dragged him out and cut him down. All right, I know. Put the sign there. I’ll choose later. Kangxi worshipped the hand to say impatiently, frightened Liang An’chirp ‘, hurriedly carried the green head card to retire. When he stepped down, Liang An’s eyes were very sharp, and he saw a sachet Kangxi was playing with in his hand. His eyebrows and eyes stood out. When did a great empress come out of the harem? But why didn’t he receive any news. You know, there are few such feminine objects on the body of Long Live Master, which empress gave him at first sight. After Liang An retreated, he did not dare to leave too far. Instead, he bowed and waited for the attendant inside. In the house, after Liang An went out, Liang Jiugong suggested in a low voice: “Long live master, after the empress gave birth to the little prince, in the end to the royal jade butterfly, the slave looked at the empress, in any case is not willing to let the little prince princess jade certificate in the name of other empresses.”. But now that the empress is not in the palace, what can we do? That’s the key. At present, the empress is not in the palace, but the little prince can not wait for the empress election to enter the palace, no matter how to say, it is not good to directly record in the name of the empress. Kangxi played with the tassels on the sachet, listening to Liang Jiugong’s words, his heart moved, but he remembered the little heartless, a face of coquetry, said that the child should be raised by himself, otherwise he would follow his endless little appearance. He wanted to know how she was going to end up with him. Kangxi thought of people and felt sweet in his heart. The heart moves, to laugh, suddenly get up, frighten Liang Jiugong, but soon stabilized down. Long live, but let Liang An come in? Kangxi nodded and then said in a loud voice, “Go to the Chenggan Palace.” Liang Jiugong listened to a Leng, the bottom of my heart shocked unceasingly. Long live master before is to listen to him, said outside the palace little ancestor belly child jade butterfly thing, just suddenly decided, this is not, long live master really spoil that, even jade butterfly things have to be handled in advance for that. Inside the palace, Kangxi went to Chenggan Palace to talk about the Jade Butterfly. Outside the palace, Zihanyuan, just at this time, Xiaojingzi was also talking about the Jade Butterfly with Hanfei, the little prince and the little princess. In this palace, a low-ranking empress cannot raise a prince by herself. Moreover, the empress above the rank of concubine can have this precedent when she wants to raise the princes of the lower concubines. As far as the slave knows, there are six masters in the palace who have no children and are above the rank of concubine, not to mention the empress who has no children in the rank of noble. Small Jingzi is also well-informed in the palace, Han Fei let him tell the truth, can get the news, but it is frightening. Jing Cui changed her face, “that means that if the master wants to raise the little prince and the little princess, he can’t decide for himself?” Master can directly plan suspended animation, there is a large part of the reason, because of the small master, now,silk ficus tree, it is still very difficult to see this, where can the master accept. But Jingcui looked at Hanfei carefully and found that her master’s face had not changed. Then she said to little Jingzi, ‘Go on.’ Han Fei sat firmly on the head and went over the words of Xiao Jingzi. hacartificialtree.com


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