Himalaya music fountain

Himalaya Music Fountain provides one-stop solutions for musical water fountains & fountains equipment. We are the manufacturers & suppliers of musical/non-musical fountains around the world.

As a professional music fountain manufacturer, from the depth of our hearts, we’ve gathered information from various countries and are determined to better the environment and people’s life with our music fountain products.

Our range of products and services includes:
Music Fountain Nozzles, with Stainless Steel and Solid Brass as the Material Options,
Low-Voltage Safe Underwater LED Colored Lights for Music Fountain Use, (Aluminum and Stainless Steel),
Music-Synchronized Fountain (With Computer-Software Control),
Non-Music Fountain (With Pre-Programmed PLC Control),
Water Screen Projection, Water Laser Shows,
Graphical Waterfall, Digital Water Curtain,
Cool Fog, Artificial for Music Fountain, and Scenery Use,
Water Statue Fountains and Water Feature Fountains.

Himalaya music fountain company products are featured with the latest and most advanced music fountain technology in this field, which includes:
ART-NET and DMX Real-Time Music Fountain Control System,
Digital VFD Control for Music Fountain Synchronization,
Field-Bus Computer Music Fountain Controller, and many more.

For more information visit – https://www.chinamusicfountain.com/


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