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Chen Yang will practice this batch of numbers to level 50, the purpose is very clear, that is, in order to continue to play boss during the reincarnation of Chen Yang, but Chen Yang also appropriately put a few 80ss to others, otherwise if all the bosses are Chen Yang package, a long time will certainly become the public enemy of the whole people, just play a game, Chen Yang still can’t deprive others of the fun of playing online. That would be too selfish for Chen Yang. After saving the experience for 500 million, Chen Yang reincarnated the three numbers. The three top numbers, which had been popular for more than half a month, changed back to level 20, and the attribute points had to be redistributed. There were three archers at level 50 with Lian Ji. A perfect training task, plus the double experience of ginseng, took only half a day. Chen Yang’s three main numbers are all back to level 33, because the attribute point level 1 is plus 5 points. The attribute points of Chen Yang’s three level 33 reincarnation numbers are equivalent to level 39 and a half before reincarnation. Basically, the equipment for level training can be used again, especially when you can take the ring of the orange day to practice together. The attack is very high, so it’s much faster to practice again. Those level 50 archers all take over the task when they are free. They also harvest a lot of 80ss materials and the best stones. They also need 14 numbers to practice together. The efficiency can be imagined. And level 50 has a better place to practice. With the small best equipment, they can practice in about ten minutes. The whole server lost to now has been a lot of people, Chen Yang’s three main number after the reincarnation are also lost in the magic amulet and so on, if all is completed,PET blow moulding machine, a day can get 15000000 experience, anyway, Chen Yang is now the goal is to go all out to rush level, what else need not be in charge, even if it is not to play 80ss also does not matter, due to the acquisition of the market, In addition to the accumulation of the body and the previous bos, 80ss materials and those top refined materials are also filled with more than ten warehouses. At the time of leveling, Chen Yang had already started to prepare for the best ring. The highest ring could only be twelve,juice filling machine, that is, the stone needed for those attack attributes was not enough, and the magic attack was barely enough, because Chen Yang’s physical attack needed two numbers, two pairs of the best twelve fairy rings, and the magic attack only needed one pair. Moreover, as long as Chen Yang’s level after reincarnation rises to level 40, relying on the 500 million experience saved before, he can directly return to level 49. According to Chen Yang’s current level training speed, a little more than two days at most, Chen Yang can return to level 49, and it is level 49 after reincarnation. Chen Yang’s goal is not only to practice to level 55 after reincarnation, but also to change all the equipment of the whole body into the highest level, as far as possible. Now that the virtual goods trading platform has been opened, if Chen Yang’s gold is not used up by himself, PET blowing machine ,liquid bottle filling machine, it will be directly put on the trading platform. Chen Yang’s pet elves haven’t found the best four holes yet, but these are not urgent. After the level is almost practiced, they will go to collect it, or buy it directly from the online trading platform. So, in the past two days, all of Chen Yang’s level 50 archers who had not been reincarnated began to concentrate on looking for pet elves to practice and then fly up to see if there would be the best 4-hole babies. Anyway, these archers were not ready to be reincarnated. Of course, they were trying their best to do some auxiliary services for the three main numbers. In less than three days, Chen Yang’s three main numbers all reached level 40 after reincarnation, and then after taking out the 500 million experience saved with expensive game props, Chen Yang’s level soared directly to 494, and through a day of training, the level returned to level 50. Chapter 297 of the main text, after the peak. Chapter 297, after the peak. After reaching level 50, Chen Yang’s attribute points are enough to wear all the equipment, which is also the charm of the game’s full level. Six best full attribute three attribute three hole fairy rings have been combined, spent more than one thousand gold, to get so many full attribute best, those sub-level were placed on the stalls of each trumpet by Chen Yang, and spent more than seven hundred gold, Chen Yang forged three perfect level three attribute three hole 45 can be used in mind necklace, three attributes are percentage. And they are all 5% of the full value, so it seems that Chen Yang’s synthetic luck is very good. It’s just that more than two thousand pieces of gold have been used up, and there’s not much left in the warehouse. It’s not enough to make thirteen sets of clothes, and it’s three sets. The forging materials needed are astronomical. According to Chen Yang’s estimate, it takes about twenty thousand gold rolls to make them, which is at least seven hundred thousand yuan in Chinese currency. Chen Yang did not want to continue to rush money into it, so he sold it slowly. So, although it is nominally a free version, the real cost is much more ferocious than the paid version. Because of the existence of mining hang-up software, Chen Yang invested 50 trumpets for more advanced attribute mines. Anyway, even if it is the most common ore, the consumption of other people is very large. There are 70 numbers to prospect together, which barely meets the needs of the market. Those advanced attribute mines Chen Yang only collects but does not sell, and strictly controls them. It has been nearly twenty days since the opening of the game, and the number of players is almost saturated. Chen Yang put some small top-quality equipment on it, which immediately and greatly stimulated the market. The refined and nine top-quality seven-string God Flash was also sold, and it sold three hundred gold directly. It is no wonder that, in addition to Chen Yang’s thirteen arch-destroying bows full of mine attributes, This bow should be the second best bow in the whole region at present. After all, not everyone is like Chen Yang, who has such a large source of advanced attribute ore and boss refined materials. These things, even those players who are extremely willing to spend money, can’t get them. No matter how rich you are, you can’t buy them in vain! The trade of Chinese coins is more popular than before, which brings a lot of gold for Chen Yang. In fact, many people now want to steal Chen Yang’s account, but now Chen Yang is not like a previous life, a smattering of computer knowledge,CSD filling line, but now he is the most top computer hackers, those just entry-level guys also want from his people, it is impossible to do this.


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