Five overlords compete to spoil me [wear books]

[Shen Er: That’s very thoughtful] [Shen Wu:.. I’m so sour.] [Shen Wu: I didn’t expect that besides being jealous of Big Brother, I would also be jealous of a human head dog.] After a while, receiving the address information sent by Lin Xiaoyan, Shen Liuyu forwarded the information to his assistant in X city. It takes less than four hours to fly directly from X City to Cerro Island. Around noon, the helicopter stopped directly beside the big flower garden in front of the villa. When the plane was still half an hour away, Lin began to fidget, and after a while he looked at his cell phone and then looked out of the window. Ten minutes before the plane was expected to arrive, Lin Xiaoyan thought of waiting for someone in the garden. It was Shen Liuyu who told her that there would be a sound when the plane came, and that she could wait directly in the living room, so Lin Xiaoyan did not insist on going out and so on. As soon as the sound of the helicopter sounded, Lin Xiaoyan rushed out of the door excitedly, and Shen Liuyu followed her and watched the helicopter land slowly with her. The automatic door of the plane opened slowly, and “the man” jumped out of the plane with a vigorous figure. Then he watched helplessly as Lin Xiaoyan rushed into her arms like a swallow returning to her nest. The author has something to say: Shen Wuge: 1551 I am so sour. Shen · Underbelly Black · Liu Yu: I’m not the only one who is jealous. It’s much more balanced. (Humble) Chapter 74 The two of them only hugged for a while and then separated, holding hands and walking to Shen Liuyu. Lin Xiaoyan introduced to Shen Liuyu: “Brother, this is my good sister in school,Inflatable outdoor park, Lin Lele.” Then he said to Lin Lele, “This is my eldest brother, Shen Liuyu.” “Hello, Brother Shen.” Lin Lele has a familiar look. How did she become familiar with Lin Xiaoyan from acquaintance? Shen Liuyu looked at Lin Lele and nodded: “Hello.” The face is calm and calm, but not too impolite. Lin Lele: “I often heard Xiaoxiao talking about you, saying that you are handsome and responsible,Inflatable water park on lake, and you are her favorite brother.” Lin Xiaoyan: “??” Shen Liuyu:.. Cough. One second before holding back the corners of her mouth, Shen Liuyu turned around and pretended to lead them into the door, saying, “Go in first.” It’s strange to say that he was so easily influenced by others. Behind him. Lin Xiaoyan pulled Lin Lele’s hand and frowned at her. Shen Liuyu is in front of them, the distance is very close, even if lowered the voice to speak, he can also hear, she is not good to ask. Lin Lele smiled and said nothing. But Shen Liuyu’s good mood only lasted for a while. After entering the living room, he watched Lin Xiaoyan busy before and after. Lin Xiaoyan let Lin Lele sit on the sofa, personally poured a glass of water for Lin Lele, and asked her if she wanted to make tea. Lin Lele smiled and said no, Inflatable indoor park ,inflatable floating water park, and then she sat down beside Lin Lele. Then sat not long, Lin Xiaoyan thought of something, ran upstairs to get a photo album down. The photo album was made a few days ago. The photos above were taken in the past few days. There are photos of Lin Xiaoyan riding a horse, photos of her diving, and group photos of the family on a yacht, at the seaside and other places. Everyone has a photo album, and the style and style are chosen by everyone. After Lin Xiaoyan got the photo album, because everyone was leaving, she had no interest in looking at it, so she just flipped through it twice and put it aside. Lin Lele is here today, just in time to watch it with her. This is a picture of us riding a horse. The fourth elder brother specially wore Hanfu to take pictures with me. The fourth elder brother looked so handsome in Hanfu. It was the ancient poem. Before Lin Xiaoyan’s voice fell, Lin Lele answered, “Your son is unique in the world.” “Uh-huh!” Lin smiled and nodded: “If you pay attention to his micro-blog, you should be able to see our photo.”. It’s in my album, too. It’s in the back. Then she seemed to see something, suddenly stopped the voice, but also quietly looked at Shen Liuyu. Shen Liuyu sat on one side as quiet as a chicken, listening to their chat in silence. See her suddenly do this little action, inexplicably understand what she means. He got up. I have something to do, so you can play first. He said, “Call me if you need anything.” As he spoke, he carefully observed Lin Xiaoyan’s reaction. See Lin Xiaoyan really seems to breathe a sigh of relief, the mood was once complicated. But Lin Lele raised his head and waved to him, showing his white and neat teeth and said with a smile, “Goodbye, Brother Shen.” Shen Liuyu: “..” Turned around and went to the study in silence. When the door of the study closed, Lin Xiaoyan furtively turned to the next page of the album. On the left side, there is only one picture of a man wearing a black and white equestrian suit, riding a pure black sweaty BMW, looking at the camera. How’s it going? Is my eldest brother super handsome when he rides a horse? She asked in a small voice. Lin Lele glanced at her and then looked in the direction of the study. “Everyone’s gone. Why are you whispering?” “You must keep your voice down if you quietly lick the face of the male God.” Lin smiled and said of course, “There are servants at home. It’s not good to be heard by them.” Lin Lele: Shouldn’t chasing stars be fair and bold? What kind of man is hiding? “I’m not a star chaser.” “And I’m not a hero either,” Lin retorted with a smile. Lin Lele: “You are not afraid of Shen Liuyu now. Why don’t you dare to praise him in front of him?”? Aren’t you very good at blowing rainbow farts? “It depends on the occasion if you can blow a rainbow fart.” Lin Xiaoyan looked at Lin Lele with the eyes of “you don’t understand this” and said, “Like Shen Erge, I can blow them to the sky. But in the face of Big Brother Shen, I always feel that no matter how much I blow, I’m telling the truth. Lin Lele: “Tut.” Lin Xiaoyan spread out his hands: “And if he keeps blowing,inflatable amusement park, what if he misunderstands that I have an idea about him?” “Can’t you think of him?” Lin Lele asked. Lin smiled and waved his hand again and again: “It is impossible to have an idea, and it is impossible to have an idea in this life.”. It’s not like you don’t know what he did to Lin Yixin. After the car crash that day, Lin Yixin was sent back to China directly by him. It is better to be a well-behaved sister than to be warned by him with stern words. 。


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