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All the way back to Su Fu, the things that should be prepared have been prepared. A carriage was loaded with a lot of things, accompanied by a broadsword. Geng Huyuan, who was used to walking in Jianghu, drove by a young man named Dongzhu, who entered the house last year. Xiao Chan wore a plain white dress and prepared a black ribbon on her body. She was dressed as a pitiful servant girl, but crying was probably only last night. Then she should not have slept well all night. Some of her eyes were a little tired. Ning Yi patted her head, and she sniffed and smiled at Ning Yi. Uncle, I’m all right. Four people expired, then said goodbye to Su Tan’er, probably told what to do if the city gate was closed and let Ning Yi take good care of Xiao Chan, the carriage left Su Fu, left Jiangning, and drove to Xiao Chan’s hometown, a small mountain village called Nanting Village. Then, feel banana big demon king has love very much, there still is monthly ticket in the hand again, cast please come over ^ _ ^ No longer announce what time the next chapter is in the morning. Last night, a chapter was added to more than four thousand words, and it was not updated until more than four o’clock. I can’t do it myself. The time is not allowed to hurt my character. You’d better get up in the morning and read it again. I can send it at eight o’clock. Chapter 91 window paper (for monthly ticket). Xiao Chan’s hometown, Nanting Village, is a mountain village near Runzhou near Jiangning. It may not be a long distance after a thousand years, but the mountain road is difficult to travel at this time. It will take about four or five hours to travel from Jiangning to the village. It will take eight to ten hours, which is a day. It is a very serious thing to attend a funeral, but in fact, all kinds of vulgar questions are indispensable. Xiao Chan is sad for the death of her father, but in fact she was sold to Su Fu when she was four years old, and only went back once a year or two. In fact, the concept of her father is not very clear. Some of them are sad for the sake of sadness, and when it comes to practical problems, they have to bring a lot of things back this time, visit this house and that house, meet all kinds of etiquette, all kinds of elaborate expenses at funerals, and so on. Plus the son-in-law accompanied her home, this is the Su family’s attention to her, in short, all kinds of problems to take into account, not to say go back to kneel down to worship,a333 grade 6 pipe, bury people on the line. In a sense, this return is also part of the meaning of returning home in splendid clothes, although it is somewhat incompatible with the funeral. But for example, the old man passed away, and the daughter of a big family in the city, who had a certain status, came back, and the uncle of the big family also came to worship, either as a housekeeper or as Su Tan’er. This was a kind of thanks to Chan’er for doing things, and also a kind of face. When people talk about the deceased, they say that he raised a good daughter, and that after he died, he was buried in a beautiful way. If the deceased was still alive, he probably pursued this kind of thing. Of course, most of the time, we naturally don’t need to be so cynical and say things so naked. Sophisticated, live a lifetime, these are human nature. After breakfast, he left Su’s house, and a young man named Dongzhu was driving ahead. Geng Huyuan, 321 stainless steel sheet ,x70 line pipe, who accompanied him, is already over 40 years old this year, but he seems to be calm and reliable. With a nine-ring broadsword, he is now one of the leaders of the Su family’s Huyuan. He grew up with Su Boyong. He grew up in the Su family and worked with Su Boyong. Later, the Su family presided over his marriage. He married a servant girl with high status in the Su family. Now he has two sons and is loyal to the Su family. At this time, Geng Guyuan’s attitude towards Ning Yi was also very respectful, because his youngest son was also studying in Yushan Academy at this time. Ning Yi was the child’s husband. After getting on the bus, he said hello to Ning Yi and sat outside. It was Ning Yi who called him in. He sat in and talked, and then went out again, leaving the space for Ning Yi and Xiao Chan inside. Although is a night did not sleep, but Xiao Chan at this time is still quite energetic, occasionally lift the curtain to look outside, say something with Ning Yi. Ning Yi asked her in detail about the situation in her family, what kind of people her relatives would have, what kind of people her neighbors would probably have, and what kind of elders she would have. Xiao Chan is used to doing things, how to do these interpersonal relationships, last night has been calculated, in her mind, probably let the uncle sit next to do it without worrying too much. But Ning Yi nature is not what Leng Tou Qing, chat for an hour, probably also draw an outline in the heart, these days to help Xiao Chan thank some people, say what things to send what gifts and so on, have a pretty good idea, oneself follow over, after all, is not a decoration. All the way away from Jiangning, the official road will be able to see a lot of pedestrians coming this way, most of the ragged face with vegetables, and Ning Yi down the mountain back to the city to see almost, but also not to the extent of scary. At first, this batch was still good. Most of them had relatives to go to. It was said that they were really driven by floods, epidemics and so on in the future. That was really scary. Xiao Chan understood these things and whispered something about them to Ning Yi. After leaving the official road, the tracks of such victims gradually burned up, and the road was bumpy. At noon, they stopped at the roadside for a while, mainly to let the horses rest. Took some snacks with the accompanying food and a few people to eat, layer cake and so on, this kind of food quality is good, more or less can be stored for a few days, Xiao Chan carefully brought a lot, mainly worried that Ning Yi is not used to eating things in the countryside. In the morning, Xiao Chan and Ning Yi were sitting opposite each other. When they had to set off again, the carriage bumped, and some boxes in the corner used as gifts rolled down. They tidied up for a while, and when they were seated, they were already sitting aside. Xiao Chan sat beside Ning Yi with her head down and her hands on her knees together, a little quiet. In fact, she was wondering if she wanted to sit there, but there was a box over there. Ning Yi did not care about this matter, lifted the car curtain to look outside, green mountains and waters, far away there are small villages, not many fields, the overall situation is still desolate. Xiao Chan, you didn’t sleep well last night. Maybe there will be a lot of things after you arrive at night. Sleep in the car, but it’s a little too bumpy. Ning Yi said so, Xiao Chan also nodded over there, closed his eyes and tried to sleep, after all, he was tired,x60 line pipe, thinking for a while, after a while, his head turned over and slowly put it on Ning Yi’s arm. lksteelpipe.com


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