Exploring Lufthansa’s Pet Policy: What You Need to Know Before Flying with Your Furry Friend

Lufthansa is a popular airline that operates in many countries around the world. If you are planning to travel with your pet, it is essential to know the airline’s pet policy to ensure a smooth and hassle-free journey. In this blog, we will take a detailed look at Lufthansa pet policy to help you plan your next trip with your furry friend. 

  1. Types of Pets Allowed: Lufthansa Airlines allows pets to travel with them in the cargo hold or cabin. Other pets like birds and rodents cannot be transported in the cargo carry.   

  1. Age and Health Restrictions: Lufthansa Airlines requires that pets be at least 8 weeks old in order to fly with them. You must ensure that your pet is in good health. 

  1. Cabin vs. Cargo Hold: If they are under certain weight and size restrictions, small dogs and cats may travel with their owners in the cabin. Larger pets and dogs must be transported in the cargo hold. They will be put in a specially-designed carrier. 

  1. Lufthansa Pet Travel: Lufthansa allows pets to travel as either checked baggage or as cargo, depending on the size and weight of the animal. Pets must have the necessary documents and meet the airline’s requirements for health and safety. 

  1. Carrier Requirements: Lufthansa Airlines requires that all pets travel with them in a carrier approved by the airline. The carrier must meet specific dimensions and ventilation requirements. The carrier must be strong, ventilated, and waterproof. 

  1. Booking Process: Lufthansa Airlines must be notified by passengers that they intend to bring a pet on board when they book. You can only have one pet per flight so book your tickets early.  

  1. Lufthansa Pet Fee: Lufthansa Airlines charges an additional fee to transport pets. This fee varies depending on their size, destination and whether they are traveling in the cargo hold or cabin. 

  1. International Travel: Pets traveling internationally must comply with the import and export regulations of the countries they are traveling to and from. Some countries may require additional documentation or quarantine periods. 

In conclusion, Lufthansa Airlines has a pet-friendly policy that allows cats and dogs to travel on their flights, subject to certain rules and regulations. Passengers should plan ahead, follow all requirements, and be prepared to pay fees for their pets’ transportation. 


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