Everything you have to know regarding protein powders as well as ways to avoid buying fake proteins

So, so how would you recognize the difference between the real and the fake? Simply follow our quick guide to sweat it out in your workouts rather than trying to find the right Whey Protein supplement if you need it.


When should you buy protein powder?


1)When you want to increase your muscle mass and need help with muscle recovery.


2)To aid in weight loss. Consuming protein, contrary to popular belief, increases the feeling of satiety and prevents overeating.


3)To improve overall health. It lowers cholesterol, raises blood pressure, and boosts immunity.


How much food should one consume per day?


Protein consumption is preferred at 1kg per  0.8 gm. It implies that if an individual weighs 90kg, then the necessity of protein is approximately 75-80 gm per day. However, this only applies if you are not exercising. It goes without saying that if you work out, your protein intake doubles to aid in muscle recovery.


How can you tell if your supplement is genuine?


1) every time purchase from the business or authorised dealers. For such products, avoid using the services of a middleman. All products have a unique identification number along with the expiry date, which can be scanned, suggests fitness expert Jinnie Gogia Chugh.


2)The seal test: If your supplement container lacks a seal, it is a forgery. Check the seal on the inside of the lid as well; fakes are loosely sealed and of poor quality. If the product is genuine, the seal on the bottle should have proper edges and be attached uniformly.


3) Taste test: Before deciding on a supplement, always read reviews on various bodybuilding forums online. Read up about what it would taste like. If the taste doesn’t match, you’ve bought a forgery.

Also, if you have previously used the same brand and have a different taste this time, your supplement is not authentic. Unless, of course, the change came from the manufacturer, in which case you should inquire.


4)The barcode/QR code test: The barcode and QR code should both provide the correct URL link to product information. You can also use your phone’s QR scanner to get the correct product details.


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