Effective Tips to Design Eye-catching Custom Hair Packaging Boxes

Do you want to design custom hair packaging boxes at the best price? Are you looking for innovative packaging solutions? This blog brings exciting, creative, yet affordable packaging styles. So, stick around to learn more about it. Let’s get started!

Use of High-Quality Stock

We all agree that custom hair packaging boxes at wholesale are the first thing the customer notices. So, make sure that it’s worth staring at. As a matter of fact, customized designs decide the fate of your brand. So small to large-scale companies pay attention to the material, box style, artwork, etc. 

However, the stock material is the most important. Thus, beauty brands prefer premium stock (rigid, kraft, and cardboard). It is recyclable, long-lasting, and sturdy. It protects the product and provides enough storage space. Plus, you can customize it in any color, size, or style and display it on retail shelves. 

Unique Custom Hair Packaging Boxes

Custom packaging has the power to flourish your brand. It offers exciting and versatile box styles, colors, and printing techniques. Therefore, retailers, businesses, and customers vote for customized hair packaging boxes.

There are plenty of options available take a look at the following

• Tuck front style

• Reverse tuck end

• Hang tab style

• Partial cover packaging

• Tray and sleeve 

• Two-piece box

• Pillow shaped style

Use of Beautiful Add-Ons

There are zillions of ways to decorate custom printed hair packaging boxes. You can enhance any box style with stickers, ribbons, handles, or PVC sheets.

It makes the boxes attractive and functional. Further, you can customize the ribbons, bows, lace, or cards in any color, size, or style. And it’s a smart way to beautify the packaging and attract customers. 

Stylish Typography

Do you want to impress potential customers? You can opt for stylish fonts. It effortlessly makes your wholesale hair packaging boxes eye-catching.

Moreover, depending on the box’s dimensions, you can select the color scheme and font size. And you can enhance the text and artwork with versatile finishing techniques. You can choose to emboss, deboss, or hot foil stamp. It makes your packaging glamorous and worth purchasing. 

Inside Printing

Custom packaging offers out-of-the-box packaging designs. You can mix and match different colors, coats, finishings, and add-ons. Besides, you can use inside printing to make your brand stand out.

For example, you can print personalized messages, interesting information, or illustrations. It creates an immersive unboxing experience and fosters a strong customer-brand relationship. Plus, you can use contrasting colors, themes, or patterns. In a nutshell, custom packaging is a whole new world in itself.

Custom Inserts

It is great to know that many stock options are available for the inserts. You can go with kraft, foam, cardboard, or rigid inserts. It divides the cosmetic packaging boxes into different sections. Thus, it keeps the product fixed and gives a neat look.

Overall, the custom inserts add more strength to the packaging. In other words, it acts as a secondary protective layer. Hence it prevents the hair boxes from wrinkling or collapsing. 

You can customize the inserts in your preferred stock, color, and size. In addition, you can print images, text, or slogans to impress customers. Hence there are numerous ways to upgrade your packaging. 

Application of Custom Surface laminates

Visual and tactile experience matters a lot in custom packaging. And you can achieve both of them with surface laminates. A thin layer is applied to the wholesale hair packaging giving it a polished look. Basically, four coats are available matte, gloss, aqueous, and spot UV. 

The spot UV is target specific and adds contrasting shine to the logo, text, or image. On the contrary, the aqueous coating (flood finish) is applied all over the hair box. And its non-toxic, liquid-based, and quickly dries out.

However, matte lamination gives a smooth, velvety texture and improves text readability, whereas gloss adds a glass-like shine. In a nutshell, all the laminates are special and make the boxes stainless and fingerprint free. 

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Colorful Packaging

Can you guess the easiest way to win a better shelf placement? Yes, you are almost there! Color selection is the key to success.

Since it’s a beauty business, you can experiment with different colors, designs, and prints. You can choose a feminine or dark color palette. Both of them are great and make your custom hair boxes stand out. And it looks even more breathtaking with foil stamping.

Smart Size Packaging

So far, we have discussed the importance of box style, stock, color, laminates, etc. Although all the design elements are critical, it’s only useful if it provides ease to the customers.

It means that your packaging should be easy to ship, assemble, and use. Hence always opt for the right size boxes. It fits perfectly, uses the required material, and promotes smart box styles.

Why Choose iCustomBoxes?

Our in-house team is quite passionate about designing custom boxes. They do proper research and homework before finalizing the design for custom printed hair packaging boxes. 

Moreover, we discuss the nitty and gritty of the boxes with our clients. Thus we stay with them throughout the customization process.

For more details, call +1-800-347-2197 and talk to our packaging consultants. Or you can drop your question to [email protected].  




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