Durian Piaopiao Hooligans Go to College

“Damn, what a stupid school? Why build such a big one? It’s hard to find a house.” After Zhao Xiaole asked the thirteenth person, he finally admitted the fact that his sense of direction was a little weak and he was lost. It was 5:45 in the afternoon. The sun was setting in the west. The sun changed the scenery of the campus. It was golden everywhere. Not far away, a house with a red roof was very harmonious in the twilight. Zhao Xiaole dragged his luggage more and more heavily. The bright autumn wind blew away his impatience, leaving him helpless. He had been walking like a headless chicken in this school for six hours and fifteen minutes. “Open your eyes and show me the way. Tell me where my dormitory is.” Zhao Xiaole’s heart is shouting. (I know you are a hooligan, but it doesn’t seem to be under the control of Guan Gong.) Not long after, Zhao Xiaole walked to the front of the red-roofed house. “Are you making a mistake? Why did you walk back to this place? Eight times out of ten? Can this house walk?!”! Why do you all have a hard time with me today? Even the dog, even the house, has come to touch my bad luck. Since you want me to go in so much, I won’t stand on ceremony. Then he went inside, picked a dormitory at random, threw his luggage at the door, and lay on the bed in the shape of “big”. “Don’t bother me. My feet are almost broken.” Zhao Xiaole said impatiently to the man standing beside the bed. Classmate, what’s your name? We will be roommates in the future, and I will take care of you. “The person beside the bed did not seem to hear what he had just said, stroking Zhao Xiaole’s sweaty face as he spoke.”. Zhao Xiaole “miso” sat up: slightly curly hair,ultrasonic dispersing machine, slender eyes, high nose bridge, and that sporadic sweat sprinkled on the healthy wheat-colored skin, handsome face does not lose manliness, coupled with a body without a little fat, the whole body exudes male charm. The bedside man’s eyes were shining, his face was full of spring,ultrasonic molten metal, and he was about to touch Zhao Xiaole again. Without saying a word, Zhao Xiaole beat the man up. Strangely, the man seemed to enjoy being beaten, and his mouth kept making the sound of “oh ~ oh ~ hard ah ~”, and the spring color on his face did not diminish. Just looking at that face, he already had goose bumps all over his body. Now, with hearing pollution and a two-pronged approach, Zhao Xiaole’s stomach churned so much that he just wanted to vomit. He kicked the man hard and rushed out with his luggage. Shit! What the hell is this place? The house will run away, not to mention, and the people are all perverts. I opened my eyes today. As soon as I turned the corner, there was a “thump.” Ah The two men called out at the same time. Yao Yue Li “Zhao Xiaole” Both of them spoke at the same time. Why are you still carrying your luggage? Zhao Xiaole originally intended to teach Yao Yueli a good lesson, ultrasonic extraction cbd ,Ultrasonic emulsifier machines, but after this day’s tossing and turning, he completely lost the momentum of the morning and went out with his forehead covered. We’ll talk about the fight tomorrow. “Why? Did you swallow the fire extinguisher or were you taken to the fire brigade? I can’t see your little universe. It can’t burn.” He’s being aggressive. Ignore him. Zhao Xiaole walked out with his head down. Oh, I see. You’re not lost, are you? Zhao Xiaole’s body stiffened, his feet hung in the air, and his body was fixed there, looking very funny. Am I right? Poof, hahahahaha.. Ha ha ha Yao Yueli fell on the railing of the stairs, his shoulders shaking. The murderous look is getting closer and closer to him. Ahem, this classmate Zhao, can you tell me how many dormitories you have? “Seven buildings.” ……… There was a silence, and something seemed to be changing in the air. Then “Ha ha..” A more arrogant round of laughter hit, in the memory of Yao Yueli seems to be the first time he was so happy, very imageless sitting on the stairs laughing around. Chapter 4 After a hundred turns, Zhao Xiaole got his wish and spread out on the bed in his dormitory. The day was really suffocating, especially after Yao Yueli, who was regarded as an eyesore and a thorn in his flesh, laughed wildly and learned from his mouth that he had been standing in seven dormitory buildings and wanted to commit suicide with shame and indignation. At that time, his expression was like stepping on a landmine. “We must avenge our past humiliation.” This is what Zhao Xiaole kept saying before he fell asleep. The night is heavy and the people are heavy. Lying in bed, Zhao Xiaole frowned. In his dream, he saw four legs growing out of the seventh dormitory building with a red roof, chasing him constantly. Very tired, this day is very tired, even the dream is no exception. Yao Yueli lay in bed and recalled the stupid thing Zhao Xiaole did in the afternoon. It’s so funny. It’s so funny. Is this something a normal person can do? No, he’s not normal at all. Yao Yueli has been unable to find adjectives to describe that fool, Biao welding life really does not need to explain, Biao welding fool more need not spend more words. Yao Yueli’s roommate looked at the person who had been laughing in bed in horror, confused, is the coldness of the day all installed? He ignored all the friendliness he showed to him, and made himself think that it was false to stick his hot face to someone else’s cold ass? Maybe he’s just embarrassed? Maybe this is the real him? The next morning, Zhao Xiaole and his roommates sat together in the school canteen, facing a plate of objects on the table. According to the chef who sells breakfast in the canteen, the black thing is called fried dough sticks, and the liquid like boiled water in the bowl is called soybean milk! Zhao Xiaole’s mouth twitched and he had the impulse to smash the canteen. The roommate saw that something was wrong with him and quickly comforted him by saying, “Well, we are intellectuals. We should abide by the law and discipline. If we can endure it, we can endure it. You see, other people in the canteen are also eating it. Maybe it doesn’t taste as bad as we imagined.” Zhao Xiaole looked at him with wide eyes and said in disbelief,ultrasonic generator driver, “What did you say just now?”? Eat it? Can this thing be eaten? “But you can’t stop eating. You have to have military training in the morning. If you don’t eat, you may not be able to go on.” Zhao Xiaole thought for a moment, frowning and reluctantly swallowing the things on the table. fycgsonic.com


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