Doomsday Unlimited Card

The pace faltered, bared his teeth and brandished his claws at the flow of green, and he couldn’t wait to tear it up and eat it. Liuqing a person standing here, is a beautiful thing, because the evolution of the flesh and blood of the zombie temptation is greater. In fact, the strengthening of the flesh and blood, but also than ordinary human flesh and blood, the zombies to a lot of temptation. Because the flesh and blood in the body of the fortifier contains a huge source of Qi, which is naturally not comparable to those ordinary people. As for the evolutionist, the source gas in the body is more abundant and breaks through the barrier in the body. The body of the evolutionist has been transformed, with a little effect of washing essence and cutting marrow, removing many impurities in the flesh and blood of the body. So the flesh and blood of the evolutionist, like an attractive delicacy, makes these zombies completely crazy. And Liu Qing’s body is transformed by the spirit of the beast God, the body is also flowing with the power of the blood of the beast God, this power is stimulating these zombies. This is why every battle, there are a group of zombies, desperately surrounded by the reason for the flow of green. Not those zombies, know that Liu Qing is the strongest one,Inflatable water park factory, but they know that Liu Qing is the most delicious one. However, they are not greeted by delicious flesh and blood, but by sharp swords, which send them to hell. Liu Qing eyes flashed endless murder, in front of these toothless zombies, in his eyes are a pile of dead bodies. There are not many zombies on the sixth floor, but there are many mutant zombies, probably dozens of them. It’s just that Liu Qing didn’t take these dozens of mutant zombies seriously at all,Inflatable meltdown, whether mutant zombies or ordinary zombies are good, a sword can be killed in the past. Rub! Liu Qing’s wrist shook, and the sharp edge of the sword cut through the air, causing a clear sound of the sword. Rush to the front of a few zombies, the head flew into the air, but the body is still in front of a few steps before slowly fell. (End of this chapter) 24 20:49:09|49445873 Chapter 447 human potential. The windows on the sixth floor were in the middle of the rooms, but there was not much sunlight on the main road, only a few faint incandescent lamps were still shining. Fortunately, there are a few lights to illuminate, otherwise the whole main road is very dark, plus a dark zombie, the line of sight is very limited. The moment the source gas invades the earth, it completely breaks the rules of the earth, inflatable bounce house with slide ,inflatable castle with slide, and even destroys the laws of the elements in the earth. Some of the earth’s technology has lost its role, coupled with the rampant destruction of zombies, most of the earth’s buildings have lost the role of work. Even some large automatic wind and hydroelectric power stations have stopped working after losing human control. So almost a week after the end of the world, all the electricity on the earth was basically out of use, and only some places had automatic generators. Some electricity can also be used. The electricity in this research building is generated by the generators in the basement before. But the generator has also been destroyed, so only a few energy-saving lamps with automatic energy storage can still keep working with the reserved power. Without power, the earth is almost completely paralyzed, and at night it is blind for human beings. So there is no human activity at night, because the city is covered by the night, is completely the paradise of those zombies. Humans need vision to see things clearly, but those zombies do not need it at all, they rely on the sense of smell and hearing to catch prey. Zombie’s body, whether on the surface or in the body, is actually completely rotten and clean, and all the organs have completely lost their function. The reason why it is still able to act now is entirely due to the role of the variant source gas, just like a new active cell. It completely replaces the cells in the human body, and it is obviously much stronger than the cells in the human body, but no matter how strong it is, it is just a pile of cells. Human body function, can not only rely on some cells to run, so zombies can only maintain some simple movements. But all the zombies, already in a special metamorphosis, although still human body. But all the flesh and blood belonging to human beings have completely turned into another kind of muscle fiber, and the skin on the surface has become a layer of gray material. This kind of gray skin, toughness is obviously more than the human skin, those mutant zombies will have such a strong fighting capacity. This kind of metamorphosis can be said to be a kind of strange metamorphosis, but it is obvious that it is a kind of coolness. If consciousness is not manipulated by the variant source gas, I am afraid that many humans will be willing to absorb this variant source gas to become stronger, which can be called a shortcut to become stronger. But how good is this shortcut to becoming stronger, and no one is willing to give up the dominance of their own body, completely reduced to a walking corpse who has lost his original consciousness. So these zombies, completely not affected by the line of sight, one after another to the flow of green rushed over. Surrounded by a slightly dark environment, it still has a great impact on human beings, but Liu Qing is completely firing at this time. It not only stimulates all the source gas in the body, but also stimulates its own natural ability, and the gorgeous purple light easily pierces the darkness in front of it. Driving out the darkness all around, everywhere is a purple light across the sky, so even if the line of sight here is blocked, Liu Qing can also see everything in front of him. Ye Feifan and a group of people came late, and Liu Qing had been playing for a while before they ran out of the corridor. But looking at the sixth floor of the zombies everywhere, this group of people immediately entered the state of combat, into the middle of the battle. Whoo! Ye Feifan activated his talent and ability for the first time, and the whole process of activation was already very familiar,Inflatable dry slide, and it only took a few seconds. Although it seems very simple to activate the talent ability, it is actually very complicated and needs to mobilize the source gas in the body. In order to activate the magical ability that lurks in the body, the impact of the two together can produce the effect of gifted ability.


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