Cold Rain Fragrance Soul

The master gave the old slave this stout body. For more than sixty years, the old slave never stopped practicing spitting kungfu, not to mention that strange man. And gave the old slave a piece of Ganoderma lucidum. Ling Zhuangzhi frowned and immediately interrupted to ask, “Ling Fu, who are you talking about?” When Old Ling Fu heard this, he was stupefied and immediately said with a straight face, “The one who left the young master in Jiuhua Mountain to learn the art was disheveled and ragged and had no hands or feet.” A strange man! When Ling Zhuangzhi heard this, he was stunned. Gong Ziyun felt a burst of grief in her heart. She couldn’t help hiding her face and crying bitterly. “That’s my father,” she said. Old Ling Fu is not clear what is going on, staring at a pair of old eyes, staring at Gong Ziyun, he was completely stunned, but he still did not. “The old slave doesn’t know that’s the old man of the young lady..” he said in a respectful voice. Ling Zhuangzhi had already understood the riddle of his teacher’s two retreats for half a month, so he waved his hand to Ling Fu and ordered, “Ling Fu, you go first.” Go pull the horses into the backyard, unsaddle them, feed them.. Old Ling Fu did not wait for the young master to finish, and immediately said respectfully, “Young master, there is a trough in the back house, but there is no forage.” Ling Zhuangzhi immediately said confidently, “You pull the horse to the back house, and then go to the street to hire a servant and two servants.” A little girl, call a table of rich banquet again, buy some fodder by the way. Old Ling Fu respectfully answered, turned around and withdrew from the flower hall and hurried out of the door. Although Gong Ziyun had stopped crying, she still asked in a mournful voice,smart interactive whiteboard, “Don’t you know that my father came here?” Ling Zhuangzhi shook his head and said slowly in a speculative tone, “When I first arrived at Zizhi Cliff, my teacher once said that he wanted to stay behind.” After twenty days of seclusion, I ordered my younger brother to practice his lessons. I think that may be the excuse for my teacher to come here. After saying this, Xiu frowned slightly and continued to speculate, saying, “Two months before my younger brother went down the mountain, my teacher was in seclusion in the back cave for 20 years.” God, I think that time, may be down the mountain to buy clothes for my younger brother,face recognition identification, because the teacher sat in the end of the day, after the hole out, hands. Holding the clothes that the younger brother was wearing, perhaps it was Ling Fu who ordered him to go to the street to buy them. Thinking of going shopping, Gong Ziyun took one look at the night sky outside the hall and said, “Now it’s time to get up. What’s wrong with you?” Do you still make Ling Fu go to the street to hire people? Ling Zhuangzhi laughed and said, “Jinling is an important place in the capital. The market is particularly prosperous. Hotels and inns are not closed all night. Restaurants Teahouse, lights for days on end, Goulan people, night party, this is the time when the princes and grandsons spend money to buy laughter, don’t say this. It’s too early, that is, after midnight, call for food and hire people, still on call. Gong Ziyun had indeed heard people say so, but at that time some did not quite believe, then a listen, can not help but smile and nod. Ling Zhuangzhi knew that it would take some time for Ling Fu to come back, so he suggested, face detection android ,thermal imaging camera, “Sister, let’s go to the inner house and have a look.” Gong Ziyun nodded with pleasure and immediately stood up from the chair. Then, by call spring is carrying gauze lamp to illuminate the road in front, Ling Zhuangzhi is holding wife palace purple cloud side by side in the back, and instruct call spring to turn left. Right. The back house is surrounded on three sides by vermilion railings and painted pillars. From the back window of the main building, you can see the backyard garden and the horses in the distance. Stables. As soon as Gong Ziyun looked at it, he could not help saying with emotion, “If old Ling Fu had not had decades of internal training, at his present age, It’s hard to take such good care of such a big house. Ling Zhuangzhi smiled humorously and said, “In the future, with the supervision of your young mistress, you will naturally manage better than before.” Fine. Gong Ziyun grunted and pretended to be angry and said, “I don’t know how to be a housekeeper.” With that, all three of them smiled happily. Just then, in the courtyard downstairs, there was a rush of footsteps. Ling Zhuangzhi knew that it was Ling Fu who came back. He looked around and found that it was Ling Fu. As soon as Ling Fu saw the young master, he immediately raised his head and asked respectfully, “Young master, everyone has been hired. Do you want them to come in?” Just as Ling Zhuangzhi was waiting for an answer, Gong Ziyun said first, “Let’s go down.” Ling Fu in the courtyard, respectfully, turned around and strode. Ling Zhuangzhi holding Gong Ziyun, still from the call of spring in front of the road, straight to the flower hall. Entering the flower hall, I saw a little girl, two little girls and two servants already standing in front of the hall, but in the end there was one more. A middle-aged strong man. As soon as Ling Fu saw Ling Zhuangzhi coming into the hall, he immediately said respectfully, “Young master, the old slave has told them what he should pay attention to.” As he spoke, he raised his hand and pointed to the middle-aged strong man. He continued, “This is the groom hired by the old slave without authorization.” Ling Zhuangzhi nodded his head, and Gong Ziyun, seeing that the servants and maids were not too vulgar, nodded his head with satisfaction. As soon as Ling Fu saw the young master and the young lady nodding their heads, he immediately faced the servants and maids in front of the steps and said, “Those standing in the hall are the young master and.” Young madam, hurry up and see the ceremony. The servants and maids shouted in unison, “See you, young master and young lady.” In the voice of respect, they knelt down one after another. Just at this time, the restaurant also brought the wine. At the dinner table, Ling Zhuangzhi and Gong Ziyun sat on the table, accompanied by the old servant Ling Fu and the pretty girl, the new servant and maid. The woman is standing beside the pot. The big house, which had been deserted for many years, suddenly became active. Ling Zhuangzhi settled his home, at least to reduce his worries, but more difficult and dangerous things are waiting for him to do. Reason. He had spent only a whole day in the house where he had been away for nearly six years, and the next evening he would leave again. Here we go. By this time, Uma was ready to tie up outside the door, and the flower hall had just finished the farewell dinner for Ling Zhuangzhi. Ling Zhuangzhi had a lot on his mind, but he had a smiling face on his slightly tipsy and red handsome face. Gong Ziyun worried about covering Dai’s eyebrows, old Ling Fushuang frowned tightly, and the pretty girl called Chun with a gloomy look. A group of people, like the stars holding the moon, sent Ling Zhuangzhi out of the door. Ling Zhuangzhi walked out of the doorstep, and Ling Fu had pulled Wu Fu over. At this moment, Gong Ziyun’s heart was so confused that he could not help wetting his eyes,interactive whiteboard prices, and he did not know how to tell his husband a few more words to say. I said it on my pillow last night. Ling Zhuangzhi took the black clover from the old servant and immediately got on the horse. Then, he smiled and waved and said, “Take care!” Turn the horse’s head and gallop straight to the front street. It had been more than a month since the black horse had run wildly. Ling Zhuangzhi galloped out of the bustling Xiguan Street. The black horse was like a thunderbolt. Straight due west.


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