Breaking the Sky _ Sky Silkworm Potato _ txt Novel Paradise

“You’re right. It’s all up to you. I, the Thunder Clan, don’t have people who are afraid of death. Even if the Soul Heaven Emperor really becomes the Dou Emperor, I, the Thunder Clan, dare to touch him.” As soon as Lei Ying gritted his teeth, he also figured it out and folded his fists. Gu yuan smiled, the fluctuation in his heart is also slowly gentle, he raised his head, staring at the thick cloud of blood, now is the time for the coalition to live or die together. When the allied army is waiting, the cloud of blood that envelops heaven and earth is still motionless, and the strong smell of blood is floating between heaven and earth. However, this kind of quiet does not make people feel relaxed, because anyone can feel that the storm is coming. Depressed silence, lasted about an hour, that enveloped the Zhongzhou for nearly half a year of blood clouds, is finally a burst of fluctuations, and then, under the gaze of the countless eyes, the blood clouds filled the sky, slowly cracked, followed by the sound of the wind, overwhelming figures, driving the black fog, like the tide swept out from the blood clouds, Finally, he levitated outside the huge shield and stared coldly at the dark crowd. The soul clan is finally here. Looking at the overwhelming army, many people’s complexion is a little pale, although it has long been expected that this scene will appear sooner or later, but really to this time, the heart is still endless panic and despair. Soul clan army,uns s32750 sheet, suspended above the sky, did not have any words to come out, so like a fierce wolf watching the countless figures in the shield below. In the army, suddenly automatically split a channel, immediately, a touch of blood from far to near, and finally into a blood lotus filled with endless bloody gas suspended in front of the army of the soul clan. Blood lotus hanging in the air, a blood-haired figure sitting on it, and with his appearance, the smell of blood filled the world, suddenly strong to an extreme, the final air fluctuations,x52 line pipe, bloody gas is actually condensed into overwhelming drops of blood, like a rainstorm, falling from the sky. The rain of blood fell, crackling on the defensive cover, so spectacular, so that people feel endless chill. Soul day rate!.. Gu yuan and others stared at the figure sitting on the blood lotus, but their palms could not help clenching, the breath. It’s terrible. Gu yuan, you lost. The Emperor of Heaven sat cross-legged on the blood lotus, his long blood hair fluttering with the breeze behind him, a pair of scarlet eyes, smiling at the ancient yuan and others in the shield, slowly. Gu yuan’s eyes sank slightly and he shouted, “Emperor of Soul Heaven, the ancient race has long had an unwritten agreement that the war will not hurt ordinary people. If you act like this, you will be punished by God!” “Ridiculous remarks.” The Emperor of Soul Heaven smiled softly, and then his body slowly stood up from the blood lotus as if it were the master of heaven and earth, overlooking the heaven and earth. Now that I am above this world, who can punish me? “The rules are made by the strong. From now on, the mainland of fighting spirit will be owned by my soul clan!” The voice of the Emperor of Soul with endless bloody breath echoed between heaven and earth, making more and more people pale. With the means of the Soul Clan, if you control the mainland of fighting spirit, uns c70600 ,uns s31803 sheet, I’m afraid you’ll have to live in endless fear in the days to come. I am the final Victor in this war. Blood surged in the eyes of the Emperor of Soul Heaven, and immediately, his palm reached out and suddenly grasped the defensive shield that had sheltered countless people below. “Gu yuan, as a former dog rival, today, I will let you see, what is called the power of Dou Di!” The voice fell, the rain of blood between heaven and earth, suddenly all condensed, into a thin to the extreme blood line, that is, the blood line lightning across the sky! Blood line above the sky, there is a black line about ten thousand feet long, where the space is directly cut off, and at the same time that below by the Tianfu alliance many strong jointly constructed by the defensive shield, almost no fluctuations, is so in the dull eyes, burst open.. Watching the last shelter disappear, everyone stayed down, let the blood rain fall on the body, the taste of blood, let them feel the pursuit of death. Just a random move, that by the ancient yuan, Candle Kun and many strong coalition forces together to form the defense, is such a collapse. Looking at the collapse of the shield, Guyuan and other people’s face, is also gloomy to the extreme, the power of the Emperor of Heaven today, even they, are feeling a little trembling. Tie up! Gu yuan’s face was gloomy, his body was hanging in the air, and he suddenly shouted, even if he knew he was invincible, he had to fight to the end! Heard the ancient yuan Li drink, the dense allied forces are also Qi Qi angry drink, drink shake heaven and earth, the fighting spirit of the sky, from their bodies burst out, such momentum, even the clouds of blood that enveloped the sky, unexpectedly were scattered some. Ancient Emperor Mirror! The ancient yuan Dynasty hung in the vast and infinite fighting spirit, the handprints changed, the fighting spirit condensed, and finally turned into a huge energy mirror with tens of thousands of feet. Condensed the fighting spirit of so many strong people, in the ancient mirror, suddenly there was a frightening wave of destruction. Gu yuan and others understood the strength of the Emperor of Heaven now, so as soon as they made a move, they launched the strongest offensive, condensing the strength of so many strong people, and then with the power of the array, they were able to launch such a terrible offensive. Puff! As soon as the energy light mirror appeared, the ancient yuan Dynasty spurted out a mouthful of essence and blood, and the blood was sprinkled into the light mirror, which was immediately filled with bursts of fluorescence. Whew!.. Gu yuan’s face was dignified, his hands changed, and finally, he saw the energy mirror tremble violently. Tens of thousands of feet of huge light column, is suddenly burst out from the mirror, where the light column, even the air, are blasted into nothingness! Light pillar, almost throughout the whole sky today, the whole Zhongzhou is able to see more waves! All people’s hearts, are raised at this moment, such a powerful offensive, presumably even the soul of heaven, are quite difficult to resist? Under the gaze of countless people, the Emperor of Soul, standing on the blood-colored lotus flower,uns c68700, smiled indifferently, and the blood-colored double pupil print shot at the horrible light column below, and immediately stretched out his finger and touched it gently. Broken. 。


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