Be good, little ancestor.

“You don’t think she will?” Jiang Yu couldn’t help it. Because the other side seems to have everything in hand. If she had, she would have died for love, and you wouldn’t have been there to take care of her? Don’t be so full of words. Maybe she wants to die for love in your first seven days? You say so. “Do you bet?” At this time there is still the mood to joke, Jiang Yu is convinced. Bet. Who’s afraid of who? Besides, he’s near the water tower to instigate it first. All right, whoever loses agrees to one condition. “No problem.” Jiang Yu vowed to put down his cell phone. He doesn’t believe that people who rely on tranquilizers every day will not die for love. Jiang Yu was so confident that he put down his cell phone and went to find her. Knock, knock, knock. Knock first, then go in. At the beginning of the speech, he got up and saw Jiang Yu come in and smiled at him slightly. Jiang Yu a shock, why do you look so good today? “You know?” Jiang Yu felt that someone had secretly given her the news. “What do you know?” Asked Yan Weichu. Jiang Yu had nothing to say and no doubts, but his heart was uncomfortable. Is Shen Yeting’s first seven, ah, in two days, I heard that Han Shaochen found a good geomantic treasure land for Shen Yeting. Jiang Yu looked at Yan Weichu’s cheek and said, just to see her expression. Sure enough, Yan Weichu’s face darkened, and he silently stopped talking and walked out of the room. Jiang Yu looked puzzled, so did she know or not? If he knows the truth,temperature check kiosk, then he still has a chance to cancel the bet, if he doesn’t know, hey, hey, he wins! Happy to think that he is about to win someone. Jiang Yu while thinking about winning, to let that person to do what, while the heart is not dead to follow out, want to test clear. Yan Weichu is still in Shuyuan,information kiosk price, which can be said to be soft and forbidden, and he can’t go out at all. Jiang Yu has been here with her, is afraid of her mess. See that scene before, but now also let Yan Weichu hair stand on end, dare not to recall. Chapter 631 you are like a child in my eyes. So I didn’t dare to go to the living room. I only dared to walk in the corridor. As for the door, I couldn’t go out. Someone was guarding it. There was a sound of footsteps behind him. At the beginning of the speech, I knew who it was, it was Jiang Yu, because in addition to her and Jiang Yu in the house, the people guarding outside seldom came in. Jiang Yu caught up with Yan Weichu and said, “Aren’t you going?” Yan Weichu knew what Jiang Yu was asking and asked in reply, “Can I get out?” “You call Han Shaochen, I think you can.” Yan Weichu stopped and stared at Jiang Yu: “You seem to be very happy?” “Happy for what?” “Shen Yeting’s first seven days have arrived.” “I can..” I’m not happy. I’m worried about you. Jiang Yu’s words were somewhat clumsy and immediately refuted. Is it? That’s really my mistake. I thought you were the kind of friend who eats blood steamed buns. Jiang Yu is ashamed, Interactive digital signage ,digital signage screen, dare not speak again, be afraid of the word did not discover at the beginning, if steal chicken not to lose rice, screwed up the plan this time, he is sure to be finished. Forget it. One more thing is better than one less thing. Now is the critical moment. Jiang Yu sighed slightly and went to one side to cool himself. There is no other expression at the beginning of the speech, still preoccupied, walked in the corridor, went back to the room, continued to rest. The next day. When Yilin walked into Yu Yinlan’s room, he didn’t see her inside. He pulled up his heart and said, “Miss?”? Miss “I’m in the cloakroom.” There was a noise coming from the next room. Yilin walked to the next room through the door in the room. Next door is Yu Yinlan’s cloakroom, which is the same as the room. Walking into the cloakroom, Yilin was puzzled because he saw Yu Yinlan packing up his things. “Miss, where are you going?” “I want to go back and see.” Yu Yinlan answered truthfully. This answer surprised Yilin. Because that city is Miss’s eternal pain, and now to go back is to dig up Miss’s scar again. Miss, do you really want to go back? As a servant, she can not stop, can only persuade, she does not want the young lady to go back. Go back to what? The child is gone, as well as the ungrateful scum. To go back would only add to the sorrow. Uh Yu Yinlan decided that when she woke up in the morning, she would go back and see him. Even if he’s gone, at least I can look at his picture and know what he looks like when he grows up. And I heard Zhou Taosheng say that he left in an air crash and had not passed the first seven days, so she wanted to go back even more. Fine Yilin sighed slightly and said, “I’ll go back with the young lady.” “No, I’ll go back myself.” “But.” Before Yilin had finished speaking, Yu Yinlan interrupted her words: “Madam still needs you to take care of her at home. She is not in good health, and she needs you to cover for me. If she knows I’m going back, she will be angry to death.” She is her mother in Yu Yinlan’s mouth. Mother doesn’t live in this building, but she comes here almost every day. These days, mother’s health is not good, so she can’t go out. Miss, don’t worry about your wife. You should be careful when you go to the country. Call me if you have anything. “I’m not a child.” “You are no different from a child in my eyes.” Yilin has always felt that the young lady is too simple, so simple that she believes everything others say. Therefore, she did not trust the young lady to go back alone, but there was no way. As the young lady said, if the lady knew that the young lady would go back to the city, she would be angry to death. Chapter 632 many people know their faces but not their hearts. “Well, well, I’m a child.” Yu Yinlan is almost speechless, if that child is still alive, in a few years, he can be a grandmother, but also a child. In this family, almost everyone treats her as a child,temperature scanning kiosks, and Yu Yinlan has no temper. Later, Yilin helped Yu Yinlan pack some luggage and repeatedly told Yu Yinlan to be careful and take good care of himself. Yu Yinlan answered, saying that she knew she would take good care of herself. Zhou Taosheng is already waiting downstairs.


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