Bath the fire and burn the gods



At this time, Kus, in Liu Qian’s vast offensive like the ocean, is like a boat, rolling with the waves. But Cuse, after all, is a battle-hardened God of war, although now the strength is greatly reduced, but in combat experience and skills, still better than Liu Qian a lot, slowly accustomed to Liu Qian’s play, gradually pulled back the disadvantage. Liu Qian was more comfortable in the Vietnam War and was silent for fifty years. How can you not be excited when you finally meet a strong opponent. With every chop of the blood-drinking long knife, Shuangyi increases by one point. The Golden Elixir True Qi is also stirred up, more closely refined and pure. Chop him! Chop the ugly dwarf! Elektra and Silver Pupil, as well as the evil dragon, had already retreated to the distance. Erica saw her sweetheart behave so bravely, and her strength was amazing. It stirred her heart, and she couldn’t help shaking her fist and shouting for support. As soon as the lewd dragon saw the God of war coming out, he was too scared to say anything, but when he saw the God of war, the guy’s strength was greatly reduced, and now he was beaten by Liu Qian riding on his head, he cried out excitedly. Secretly try to figure out the eldest brother really did not follow the wrong, even the God of war that guy has suffered a great loss. Silver pupil is a pair of big eyes, unblinking looking at the contest between two peerless masters in the sky. This level of competition is rare in a hundred years. In the eyes of ordinary people, at most, you can see two figures flickering, or the air flow surging, flying sand and stones around, just to see the excitement. But in her eyes, every knife that Liu Qian wields, every parry of Cuse,artificial banyan trees, is very clear and thorough. Like those moves, they were all slowly rehearsed in front of her eyes. Interesting, interesting. Liu Qian played more and more smoothly, with the consumption and continuous replenishment of Jindan True Qi. I feel faintly that the True Qi is gradually changing. True Qi, which has been refined to the extreme, is still compressed inward. Beads of sweat kept pouring out on his back, which made Liu Qian feel comfortable and happy. He laughed heartily and said, “You are the God of war among blacksmiths. You really have a way.” Cuse has begun to stabilize the offensive of Liu Qian, a sword knock back Liu Qian drink blood. Breathing heavily, he said, “So you are a realist.”. I don’t want to fight a realist. You give me the spirit of that bitch, Darius. I will never embarrass you. With the ability of Kus, how can we not feel the spirit of the goddess of nature until now? It’s in Liu Qian’s arms. Bitch Although Liu Qian has not yet taken advantage of the goddess of nature, she has long regarded it as her forbidden place because of her temper. After hearing this scolding, Langmei shouted angrily, “You stupid pig, Faux cherry blossom tree ,outdoor ficus tree, did you scold Doris, too?”? Don’t be shameless. Don’t think that you dare to act in front of me just because you are now equivalent to the cultivation of the soul period. What do you mean, never give me a hard time? I’d like to embarrass you. “Drink!”! Look at me killing a thousand knives. In his right hand, Liu Qian drank blood and waved hundreds of knives in the air. The golden elixir of his whole body passed through the knife and turned into a cold and cold knife all over the sky. He went to Kus in all directions. This trick was thought up by Liu Qian in extreme boredom when he was in interdimensional seclusion and his realm could not grow. It is to turn all the True Qi of the whole body into knife Qi in a very short time, completely enveloping the enemy, hiding and hiding. However, with Liu Qian now repair for, can’t really kill a thousand knives, at most a moment even out of two or three hundred knives. But this was the case, and Cuse was shocked, and there was a cold and penetrating knife gas in front of him. Hide is not to hide, busy is also a loud shout, overbearing red fighting gas out of the body. Can only be forced to use the body to fight gas, will be forced to block the sky Dao Mang. The violent energy impact produced an explosion that destroyed the clothes of the two guys. A stream of rotating air was generated, and the broken trunks, bricks and tiles on the ground were pulled into pieces and shot out. Where the two men fought, the square of the original college at their feet was covered with numerous potholes. Especially the big pit just formed in the middle, with a radius of more than ten meters. Kus, the God of war, was floating weakly in midair, almost tottering. The whole body fighting spirit burst out at the same time, barely hard to resist Liu Qian’s killing thousand knives, but the whole body is covered with dozens of wounds of different depths. Three flavors of true fire. Liu Qian saw that the guy actually blocked this move nearly will be the golden elixir true gas exhausted to kill a thousand knives, busy and congealed not much of the remaining true gas. In the void, it turns into a strange tricolor flame in the eyes of ordinary people, burning the air and causing visual distortion. Sanwei Zhenhuo is Liu Qian’s most commonly used technique, which is very pure and easy to control and release. The true fire of Sanwei, like an active snake, was wrapped around Kus. Cuse was dumbfounded and thought he had been reborn after taking the body. There should be few rivals in the world, but I didn’t expect to meet Liu Qian, a perverted guy, as soon as he succeeded. However, this is also because Kus has not yet recovered, or even mastered the body of the iron beard. Moreover, the iron beard strength is very weak, the body is not very strong. As soon as Sanwei Zhenhuo came out, Cuse flew up and down to dodge. But Liu Qian is very expert in playing with fire, Leng is to make the three flavors of true fire more flexible than fingers. In just a few breaths, the guy in Cuse was burned to the ground. In a mess. Happy time is over. Liu Qian flicked his finger and took back Sanwei Zhenhuo. Whoosh a strange sound, a handle full of sci-fi flavor of the magic weapon of attack, the fierce dragon cannon on the right hand. The gloomy muzzle of the gun, emitting a frightening cold awn, like the fangs of a poisonous snake, aimed at the enemy. Chapter 110 priest, you are a bad boy. Others do not know the power of the dragon cannon, but the dragon and Melia are very clear. The lewd dragon was almost killed by Liu Qian, and he still has a lingering fear. As soon as he saw Liu Qian taking it out to deal with the God of War at this time, he could not help but jump up and down and cry out excitedly: “The eldest brother blasted his little JJ, the eldest brother blasted his little JJ.” Although the body of the lewd dragon is small, his voice is very loud. Pity the boy next to him, who was innocently implicated. Even the onlookers gathered within tens of meters around, especially the college girls,fake ficus tree, cast a contemptuous look at the boy one by one. That schoolboy wants to die the heart had, pointing to the lewd dragon that still jumps up and down: “It is what it says, not be me.” 。


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