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He did not say much, Zhen Ruolan failed to test out what kind of person the original wife was from Gu Wenjing’s mouth, but was Gu Wenjing’s affectionate expression of missing his dead wife. Miss the wife who died in front of her. Do you really think she has no temper? It happened that she could not hold her breath in her heart, but she really dared not lose her temper with Gu Wenjing, and she had to show a dignified and gentle smile. Gu Wenjing took a look at the mask of Zhen Ruolan’s gentle smile and smiled in his heart. In fact, Zhang Shi was married by the parents of the original owner. His memory of Zhang Shi, the original wife, was very weak, and he had no deep feelings. In the eyes of the original owner, Zhang Shi was the birth mother of his eldest son Gu Sheng. Just as Zhen Ruolan wanted to test Zhang’s position in his mind, he deliberately showed a deep feeling with his wife, so that Zhen Ruolan felt that he could replace Zhang, and her son could replace Gu Sheng. Chapter 66 the man is Guogong. Zhen Ruolan, as a stepmother, is most afraid of her husband’s deep affection for the original wife and the children left behind by the original wife. However, Gu Wenjing showed that he missed his wife Zhang very much, and attached great importance to Gu Sheng, the eldest son of his wife, so he asked for his son early. Zhen Ruolan touched his stomach and his heart sank. If this is a daughter,sonicator homogenizer, but if she can give birth to a son, she will not let Gu Sheng block her son’s way! Gu Wenjing according to the habit of the original owner and Zhen Ruolan respect each other, in Zhen Ruolan did not make trouble, she showed the appearance is really a good wife and mother, gentle and considerate to him, Gu Sheng this stepson care, will Guogongfu internal affairs in good order. Although Gu Wenjing has a bottom line,ultrasonic spray nozzle, before Zhen Ruolan has not done bad things, he will not do such a thing as “I know you will definitely do bad things in the future, so now I want to kill you in advance”. No matter how vicious and scheming she is in the description of the plot outline, he can’t convict her for what she hasn’t done yet. The plot is not immutable, and people in the same situation, perhaps because of the butterfly effect will take a different path. Sometimes good and evil are only between one thought, and no one is born vicious. However, Gu Wenjing would not convict her because Zhen Ruolan was a vicious stepmother in the plot, but he could not wait for her to harm people and then clean her up, if the tragedy had been caused, it would be irreparable. So Gu Wenjing used the power in the hands of the original owner, ordered people to secretly stare at Zhen Ruolan’s every move, if she has a change to collect evidence. And he also sent someone to protect Gu Sheng, ultrasonic cutting machine ,ultrasonic dispersion machine, determined not to give Zhen Ruolan the slightest chance to calculate Gu Sheng. Zhen Ruolan was very quiet during her pregnancy and did not have any unusual behavior. Gu Wenjing did not relax her vigilance because of her good performance. Soon to the day of Zhen Ruolan’s birth, Gu Wenjing did not show indifference because the child was Gu Xu, the accomplice of Zhen Ruolan in the plot, nor because the two children of the original owner were the children of the original owner before he crossed over. Gu Wenjing in Zhen Ruolan birth outside the delivery room, has been waiting for a few hours, until the sky slightly white, the delivery room came the sound of the baby crying. Steady mother-in-law came out with the baby in her arms and congratulated Gu Wenjing, saying, “Congratulations, Guogongye!”! He Xi Guo Gong Ye! Madame, she gave birth to a young master! With a smile on his face, Gu Wenjing went over and looked at the baby in swaddling clothes. He did not reach out to hold it, because the original owner was a strict father who never showed his love for the baby. Even Gu Sheng, the eldest son of the wife, who was highly valued and expected by the original owner, had never been held by the original owner. Of course, he can’t destroy the strict father character of the original owner. Gu Wenjing said with a smile, “Your ladyship has given birth to a young master. This is a great happy event for your family. If you give the order, the monthly money of the whole family will be doubled this month.” The servants around thanked him one after another. Gu Wenjing did not name the child Gu Xu according to the plot, but Gu Yan. In the Gu family tree, Gu Sheng Gu Yan generation of children’s names are the Japanese character for the radical, because Gu Sheng’s name “Sheng” is the Japanese prefix, so he did not engage in specialization, but also gave his youngest son a Japanese prefix “Yan”. <<<<<<<<<<<<<<< After Gu Yan was born, Gu Wenjing noticed that Zhen Ruolan’s attitude had changed. She no longer cared about Gu Sheng personally as before. Her concern for Gu Sheng began to be superficial, and she put all her thoughts on her own son Gu Yan. This situation Gu Wenjing can understand, after all, stepson and parent-child in her heart of course can not be treated equally. But he found that Zhen Ruolan gradually did not have so much patience with Gu Sheng, even the disguise on the surface made her feel impatient, she wanted Gu Sheng to give way to her son as soon as possible. When Gu Yan was one month old, he organized a full moon banquet. When Gu Wenjing found that Zhen Ruolan wanted to make Gu Yan’s full moon banquet very grand, he reminded her: “Children’s full moon banquet need not be too grand.” Zhen Ruolan frowned slightly and asked, “What do you mean, husband?” Gu Wenjing came straight to the point and said, “Yan’er is his second son. How can his full moon banquet exceed Sheng’er’s specifications?”? When Zhang was still alive, the full moon banquet held for Sheng’er was not as extravagant and grand as yours. Zhen Ruolan wanted to retort that how could Gu Sheng compare with her son? However, the fact was that she, the second son of her stepwife, did have a lower status in terms of etiquette and law than Gu Sheng, the eldest son of her original wife. She did not want to leave a bad impression in Gu Wenjing’s mind that she was more extravagant than Zhang. She could only hate in her heart and show shame on her face: “Husband, I am not thoughtful enough.”. I don’t know what the full moon banquet was before. I just gave birth to Yan. I was so excited that I just wanted to hold a grand full moon banquet for Yan. I didn’t think it through. Please forgive me! Gu Wenjing nodded and said, “It doesn’t matter. You’re not thoughtful enough. I’ll remind you.” Zhen Ruolan: “..” Then Zhen Ruolan can only reduce the specifications of the full moon banquet, in order to show her good attitude of admitting mistakes,ultrasonic welding transducer, she also deliberately reduced the specifications of the full moon banquet a lot, compared with Gu Sheng’s full moon banquet specifications is a clear gap. How did she organize the full moon banquet in a big way before, and how did she withdraw the preparations that exceeded the specifications after that.


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