A Global Infrastructure with Unbounded Efficiency

Bitcoin SV is the original bitcoin blockchain, as Satoshi Nakamoto intended in his Bitcoin White Paper, hence why Bitcoin SV stands for ‘Bitcoin Satoshi’s Vision’. Bitcoin mining helps to power the network, while allowing significantly higher functionalities than BTC, including Bitcoin NFT, DApps, and Bitcoin Smart Contracts made possible by higher transaction throughput and block sizes.

BTC is plagued with inefficiencies. 7 TPS is not scalable, and not efficient enough for enterprises. BSV was created with efficiency, enterprise, and compliance at heart. The BSV academy also features a plethora of informative articles on how the original bitcoin blockchain actually works, and how its users can best maximise and benefit from its infrastructure. A variety of projects are already building on BSV, due to its 4GB block sizes, due to be scaled to up to 1TB in future updates. Bitcoin History is disputed by many, however the future of Bitcoin is immutable and made possible by BSV.

BSV is developed and scaled with the support of the Bitcoin Association, a non-profit organisation based in Switzerland made-up of developers and bitcoin enthusiasts. The BSV blockchain itself is completely decentralized, and made up of a high number of node operators.


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